How to Buy your FPGA Arcade

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Current pricing (from me) is 199 Euro for the non-SVHS version, and 229 Euro for the SVHS version. If you are within the EU, and not a business, you need to add 25% Swedish VAT. I have very limited supply capability and am only really sending to developers and people I promised to years ago. The aim is to move to a reseller model.

There are two distributors signed up, Laurent who is handling France and assembling complete systems (I just supply the board) and Jim Drew in the US. Discussions are on-going with a well-know Amiga distributor.

Resellers in Europe

Amedia Computer

Resellers in the USA

CBM Stuff / Jim Drew

Resellers in the Australia

68k Retro

Pricing to be determined. I’m doing all I can to increase volume, and direct ship to distributors to get their prices down. Updates to follow.

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