Replay board updates (only for OLD boards w/o SDCARD flasher)

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The replay board consists of a configurable FPGA and an ARM based microcontroller.

While the FPGA is set via the SDCARD .bin files as defined in core .ini files (and thus any Replay core is just “updated” by copying the latest files on the card), the ARM microcontroller has to be set up using a different process.

This might be needed to support newer features required by FPGA .bin files (communicating with the ARM), or for .ini file handling in general (coping with core configurations and the OSD menu).

This board update method requires a Windows PC with an USB port, but luckily it has to be done only once (ONLY in case the SDCARD method does not yet work with your firmware version on your Replay board).

Afterwards, firmware can be uploaded using the Replay App via SDCARD only, see here:

This tool also updates the ARM bootloader (the very first piece of code enabling the ARM flash as such), so it is not required to separately flash the bootloader (as described in the HOWTO for VERY OLD boards) as long as this method works…


  • An actual Replay Rev1.0b board with new USB bootloader. If this procedure does not work, you need just once a different flash procedure found here. Again, please also check the SDCARD method first. If it works, you can stop reading about this method here.
  • An USB-A/PC to Micro-USB cable (one from your camera, card reader, smartphone, … etc. should be fine)
  • A Windows PC (XP or newer, tested “up to” Win7 64bit)
  • Patience – e.g. do not unplug or power cycle the board during an upload procedure if there is no immediate progress seen… mad
  • Download and unpack the attached ZIP file (checked for virus with actual AVIRA software), take care the directory structure is kept on unpacking (!)  WE NEED TO ADD A LINK TO THE CORRECT FILE HERE!


  • Switch the Replay board off, do not connect anything yet
  • Start the “replay_update.bat” file (e.g. by double-click in the windows file explorer) as found in the unpacked “Replay_Update” directory

Follow the instructions showing up on screen, these are:

  1. If the board is on, switch it off first
  2. Connect a micro USB cable between board an PC
  3. Then hold the replay menu button down and switch board on
  4. The board will be detected (no rush!), then download starts the first time it may happen that the batch file stops w/o any flashing, in this case switch the board off, start the batch file again and and go back to step 3:)
  5. Release the menu button when you see the DL indicator dots
  6. Wait until upload is finished and the window with the flasher disappears
  7. The board will automatically reboot after a few seconds

Finally, enjoy the cores from your sdcard again! big_smile


NO special USB driver is needed, as the bootloader registers as HMI device which is supported by the OS by default. You also do not need BOSSA or SAM-BA installed, any plain Windows PC (XP and up) with USB ports will do. We have the sources of the downloader – it should be in principle possible to support Linux or MacOS as well. Any USB driver/system expert on such systems interested in volunteering for porting the bootloader, please stand up… roll


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