Replay board updates (only for VERY OLD boards w/o USB boot)

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This works for ALL boards to repair the USB bootloader which is required for an inital ARM firmware upload.

Very early boards don’t have this bootloader, so it must be first set up first to continue the “real” firmware installation on the board. This procedure ERASES THE WHOLE ARM FIRMWARE – AFTER THIS STEPS THE BOARD IS JUST A BRICK WAITING FOR MORE FLASHING!

You need to continue afterwards with flashing the real FW, to get it operating again. THIS PROCEDURE IS USUALLY ONLY REQUIRED ONCE, AS THE BOOTLOADER SHOULD BE NEVER (REQUIRED TO BE) FLASHED AGAIN.


  • You need a Replay Rev1.0b board
  • Download and install bossa.
  • Download the bootloader in this post and unzip it. You will get a “bootloader.bin” file.
  • Switch off your board and disconnect everything except the power supply.
  • Prepare an USB-A/PC to Micro-USB cable (one from your camera, card reader, smartphone, … etc. should be fine)


Bootloader installation

  • Replay board: set jumper “P11” (did I mention not to connect the USB cable yet?)
    Note, very old (RevA boards) do not have the lower P12 (external reset) jumper shown in the picture below.
  • Switch on board for ~30sec (take your time, you won’t see anything, it internally installs the SAM bootloader!)
  • Switch board off and remove jumper “P11”
  • Now connect the USB cable from the Replay board to your PC and switch the board on again
  • Your PC should install the BOSSA USB driver, wait until finished;
    – if this does not happen and you also see no new USB device after switching on the board,
    try previous steps again – this time really wait 30 secs, sometimes I am impatient as well  smile
    – if there is an USB device visible and no driver gets installed, check your BOSSA setup again
    (if you have some Atmel studio installed, it might fail as well due to SAMBA/BOSSA collision)
  • Open BOSSA GUI:
    – auto-scan board, it will show up automatically
    – select & write the “bootrom.bin” to flash
    – verify against “bootrom.bin” file again
    – close BOSSA
  • Switch board off and continue with “OLD board method w/o SDCARD flasher” here.

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