Setting up RTG with Picasso96

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You must use the latest RTG Compatible Amiga core for this to work. Download the latest Amiga Core here here. Also download the latest Picasso96 drivers here. Also download the latest Replay additional drivers here and after extracting the contents copy it to your replay sdcard.

Installation steps

The manual install is a three step process.

  1. Unzip the file and copy the contents to your Replay SD cards Workbench. Note: The installation files will need to be transferred to the sdcard amiga workbench via winuae for example. Now after booting on your Replay to the Workbench. Next double-click on the Picasso96 Installer. Follow the on-screen prompts. This will install the Picasso96 RTG system on your Amiga. Note: When using the installer at some point in the installation, it will ask you for graphics board model, just select the dummy “ PicassoIV”, this driver will not be really used but it’s still necessary to proceed with a fully working installation (selecting other cards could add some unwanted files). Then, when the installation asks you for ‘support files’ path, click on “Select another location” and point it to “SYS:” or DH0: etc then click on “Make a new Drawer” to create a new folder named “Picasso96″ and click on Proceed button.
  2. Next mount the ReplayP96Drivers.adf disk into df0: and copy the below files to there relevant folders.
  3. Copy Picasso96Settings to dh0:devs/ <overwrite if required>.
  4. Copy Replay and to dh0:devs/monitors/ <overwrite if required>.
  5. Copy Replay.card to dh0:libs/Picasso96/ <overwrite if required>.
  6. Note: From time to time, also follow the core link to get the latest copy of the Amiga Core and also The latest RTG replay.card driver. If there is an update, replace the driver in your libs/picasso96 directory with these new ones. Make sure you are using the latest replay amiga core also on the sdcard, and ideally use the replay.ini supplied with it.
  7. Delete the PicassoIV monitor driver which gets installed by default in DH0:Devs/Monitors or move it to the dh0:storage/monitors/, to avoid clashes with the Replay driver.

Make sure that you installed the Picasso96 software (as described above).
Make sure you have 8MB of fast memory selected in the OSD (Under the Amiga Memory Screen).
Make sure you have P96 Graphics enabled also in the OSD (Under the Amiga Chipset screen.

Now, reboot the Replay, to make the new RTG screenmodes available. Note: The RTG graphics system will use 4meg of memory itself which will leave you by default 4meg fast ram only. If using the RTG system, it is beneficial to enable the xtra ram option to allow also another 48meg of fast ram. Lastly, to make the Replay currently to see this xtra ram, you will need to use the addreplaymem command in your workbench startup-sequence right at the top preferably so as to automatically be available. See this link for more information. Next, after rebooting your amiga, go to your PREFS: folder and run the ScreenMode program. You should now see several screen modes labeled “REPLAY: ZZZ x YYY” (where ZZZ and YYY are resolutions). Select a resolution eg: 640x480@8 Chunky and click TEST / USE, (do not click Save until it is working/displaying ok). If all is well, the screen will automatically switch to the RTG system and display a fancy new hi-res Workbench!  Let us know if you have any questions!

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