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I expect there will be more questions in the future if a particular hardware (especially Arcade game) can be set up on the Replay board.

Porting some hardware depends on answers to questions like:
– is there already a FPGA project existing, ideally as open source?
– are there schematics and technical manuals available for this hardware?
– does the hardware use special (custom) chips?
– if custom chips are used: are these already reverse-engineered?
– are there any other sources of working implementations (similar to MAME)?

The more questions can be answered with yes, the more likely it is to implement it.

At least I won’t start searching the web if one asks me just if a particular game can be implemented, because this costs quite some of my private time I could spend for continuing on existing projects, especially as these investigations may unfortunately end up in no useful results.

So before you just ask this question, look yourself on the web if you can find references to pass along – by that you can support developers and motivate them to work on it. If there exist closed-source solutions on another FPGA platform, you could encourage independently that developers to join our group or at least to initiate a contact to exchange sources if they are willing to. Just a note: adding youtube posts won’t help at all – as everyone knows they can be fake pictures on the one hand and on the other even if they are not fake they do not contain any useful information one can work with…

Conclusion: the more technical sources/references you can add to your question and the more people you can mobilise, the more likely it is to get an answer or later a set up for the Replay.  wink

Thanks a lot for your help!

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