<![CDATA[FPGA Arcade]]> http://www.fpgaarcade.com/punbb/index.php Sun, 21 May 2017 16:28:35 +0000 PunBB <![CDATA[HDF Questions]]> http://www.fpgaarcade.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=1281&action=new Oh great...Yes, that system.hdf is winuae only nonRDB, not designed for real amiga, best copy to alternate .HDF the other one or make your own etc. Yes pls update what option does or does not work so it cant be noted etc.

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<![CDATA[68060 daughterboard]]> http://www.fpgaarcade.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=1315&action=new Replay2 has more expansion IO, so sure we can do something.

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<![CDATA[Are we there yet?]]> http://www.fpgaarcade.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=1296&action=new Hello Dave, always nice to hear from you.

The Daughterboards are currently being manufactured (well, the PCBs at least). I should have some next week.
The majority of the boards are hanging around in China. I am over there mid November and expect to pick up the production ones.

Replay2 design work continues. I just got the info I need from Xilinx yesterday regarding the main FPGA.
I'm hoping to get the PCB made end November, so very aggressive schedule.

Unlike the first Replay board, we have everything pretty much ready - the arm firmware and amiga core will run on the new platform with very minor tweaks.

It has a Spartan7 28nm FPGA and 300MHz ARM M7 system controller. New expansion capabilities and all sorts of fun stuff smile


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<![CDATA[Acorn Electron Update]]> http://www.fpgaarcade.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=1326&action=new Wow this is great...

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<![CDATA[Alice chip reverse engineering]]> http://www.fpgaarcade.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=1325&action=new Is there any sw that can do rudimentary analysis/assist on such images?
How many gates and what size was Alice made with?
(OffTopic: This looks way cool - rocks on a 4K screen. Has any such effort been done on the OCS/ECS/AGA custom chips? Did you see that wall plot Brian Bagnall mentioned?)

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<![CDATA[ethernet on Replay?]]> http://www.fpgaarcade.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=383&action=new The daughterboard has Ethernet. The card has gone to the PCB manufactures this week for the prototype.

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<![CDATA[New wiki article: Boot from a hard drive with the Amiga 500 kick 1.3]]> http://www.fpgaarcade.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=1324&action=new A success/failure report from someone following the guide would be much appreciated.

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<![CDATA[away for a few days]]> http://www.fpgaarcade.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=1282&action=new Right, I'm back again.
Yes the ST Core has suffered due to lack of time. The big problem is the need for a more accurate CPU core for the Atari demos - and this is where my focus has been, as well as the new hardware. I'll see if I can get a beta out soon for the Atari, just need to get the manufacturing stuff done.

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<![CDATA[Hardware availibility]]> http://www.fpgaarcade.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=1096&action=new yeah, I can't think of any reason why it shouldn't - they are identical in the FPGA connections to the daughterboard.

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<![CDATA[VSCode Build/Program short-cuts]]> http://www.fpgaarcade.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=1323&action=new If any of you use VSCode as your VHDL editor, I've just made a post on my blog with information on how to setup VSCode to build a core via ctrl+shift+b, program the FPGA via ctrl+shift+p and also extract errors/warnings from the build output so that you can jump directly to the error.

VSCode VHDL Build/Program Task

This is how the errors look from a failed build:

Failed build problems tab

It's not without its quirks, but I'm finding it quite an improvement with a lot of jumping around between editor, terminal and the impact gui avoided.

If you're not using VS Code, it's really worth a look despite being driven by MS, it's open-source and supports Linux smile

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<![CDATA[Centipede]]> http://www.fpgaarcade.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=1322&action=new ah cool thanks!

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<![CDATA[Latest version of T65 core]]> http://www.fpgaarcade.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=1321&action=new yeah it's in svn...
http://svn.fpgaarcade.com/viewvc/Replay … b/cpu/t65/

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<![CDATA[Upgraded to latest ARM firmware now C64 doesn't work]]> http://www.fpgaarcade.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=1305&action=new I think it's the arm firmware which is at issue, not the core.
I'm away travelling for a few days, but I'll try an copy the latest over to the release area.
update - just tried to build and there was an issue. I'll look at is asap, sorry.

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<![CDATA[Asteroids hardware]]> http://www.fpgaarcade.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=1213&action=new I'd set this aside for a while but recently started playing with it again. Anyone interested in coding the missing sound effects from the original Asteroids? I tinkered with that for a while but was not happy with what I was able to get. Deluxe uses a POKEY, the original has additional analog circuits for the saucer sounds.

I still have no idea why Lunar Lander won't run either, everything looks fine in the HDL and simulating it things start out ok initializing the RAM and whatnot then the code runs off into the tumbleweeds and the watchdog trips. I suspect there's something stupidly simple that I'm overlooking.

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<![CDATA[Xevious]]> http://www.fpgaarcade.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=1215&action=new Man I still remember the "music" in that game, it could drill a hole in your head. Aside from that it's fun, there used to be one in the hallway at a past employer that I would play occasionally over lunch.

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