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Topic: 060 daughter board

Is there any more news about the '060 daughter board with USB and Ethernet release date and price? Looking forward to possibly picking one up after getting the FPGA board.

Also I've seen pictures of the daughter board, but the revision of the FPGA board with daughter board attached looks different than any other FPGA Arcade board that's pictured in any case or images on this site. I believe there are still only two versions of the FPGA Arcade board, one with DVI/SVideo/Composite output and one other with DVI only output, correct? So will all expansion boards be designed to fit both configurations of FPGA arcade boards?

Image links (from cbmstuff.com, have to be logged in to view I think):

From this site:

Also, can anyone suggest/reccomend SD card brands/speeds/size to look for? Is there a max size that the FPGA Arcade board will recognize?

Oh and will there be an updated atx/itx back plate sold with the daughter board?


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Hi, good question. I'm working on the new website which will address a lot of these questions, and the "roadmap".

The original board (A) had the joystick connectors at the back of the board. There was a small problem with this design (back feed of power through the DVI connector) which was irritating enough to fix before production.

It doesn't matter if you make one trace change or the whole board, the NRE cost is the same. I was also asked about cases, and it seemed sensible to try and fit the important IO in an ATX window, so standard mini-ITX etc cases could be used. While I was working in China I came across the double stacked 9 pin D connectors, and decided to respin the board to it's current (B) design.

The SVHS and non-SVHS use the same PCB, but all the extra components for the SVHS version are on the bottom side as the main additional cost is the second SMD assembly pass.

Jakub, one of the other developers, developed the prototype daughterboard - most of the work was in the USB and Ethernet drivers - and at the time it fitted the A board.

The A and B boards are identical in the expansion connector pinout, so you can fit the current daughterboard if you don't fit the PS/2 and Joystick connectors.

The production daughterboard has a cut-out around the double height connectors, but otherwise looks pretty much the same. I've completed layout on it, and it's going to go to manufacture this month (if all goes to plan).

I will be doing another batch of ATX panels also with the extra holes.

I'm actually not sure what the max size is - would guess 32GB max partition size. I've tried 16GB.

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Awesome, thank you MikeJ for that detailed answer, this explains a lot. Good luck with the Manufacture of the daughter board. Looking forward to both the FPGA Arcade board and that daughter board. I've got a board on pre-order already with Jim over at cbmstuff.com.

One last question though, I have a couple regular mid sized ATX tower cases sitting around my house doing absolutely nothing. I'm assuming the FPGA board will fit in any ATX, micro ATX, or mini ITX case? I'd like to fit the Arcade board into one of my regular ATX cases. I was going to try and find something smaller (mini-ITX) but I'd rather just reuse a case that I already have instead of buying a new one.

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Yup, it fits in any ATX style case. The board is quite small so only two of the mounting holes are used, but it's quite secure - especially with the back panel.

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Right, the big problem has been finding the connectors for the daughterboard which match the current base boards.
I (think) this problem has been solved today, and I've signed a PO for them at a reasonable price.

As soon as this is confirmed, I can get on and complete the layout.

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Connectors are being shipped \o/

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Oh yeah! :-)

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Glad you found these.  I remember the hassle I went through to find these a few years ago.

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MikeJ wrote:

Connectors are being shipped \o/

No news about the production of the 060 daughter boards since April 1st?  Hoping the shipping news wasn't an April Fools joke.
Also, how do I get on the list to purchase one of these 060 daughter boards, and will it fit my early model "B" replay board, the same as all the later boards which you fixed the spacing at the audio connector (or was it a different connector that was too close)?

Off topic, I also saw a forum post regarding 1080i working only via analog output.  This will work for me, as I have an old rear projection TV (really big one), that only has Composite, Component & S-Video inputs, no VGA, DVI, or HDMI, but it is capable of displaying 1080i on any of the 3 Component inputs.  My FPGA Arcade Replay would make a great entertainment computer console for the living room hooked up to this TV, and I would like to be able to use the 1080i display resolution, but how do I get a 1080i resolution display from my replay board to my TV given my input restrictions?

Keep up the great work Mike & everyone else working on this project.  Looking forward to upgrading my replay board, and using it on a regular basis.

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Just returned from China - delivered the daughterboard connectors to the production people.
Most components are sourced, still a few changes being made but needs to be produced this year for tax reasons if nothing else.

Yes, it will fit all B models.

I'm not sure how far we got with interlaced modes on the RTG now you mention it. I'll have to look at this again.

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Right, the DBs are all built! They are undergoing final inspection now and will be shipped back to me this week smile

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Great news and nice progress!!

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Just an FYI.  Jim Drew has the daughter board in stock now.  I ordered mine yesterday.