Topic: keyboard not working


I gave a try this morning to the latest c64 core but I can't get the keyboard working, the osd on the other board is working just fine.

I've tried both PS/2 port but nothing, am I missing something?


Re: keyboard not working

seems to be a bit random for me, anyone else having the same problem?

Re: keyboard not working

I've only used the same wireless PS2 keyboard I had, not had a problem with it so far with any of the binaries.

Re: keyboard not working

Gouky, the same keyboard works fine with the Amiga core? I can check when I get back home.

Re: keyboard not working

Yup same keyboard work fine for the amiga. When the c64 core doesnt take any input i'm still able to use the osd w/o problem though.

It's a good old ps/2 logitech keybord