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For me it usually gets worse after some time.

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Wrong again, 1541 was not always sold with C64 Color:

anyways, I got you. I can Exchange the ROM if I want to.

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You don't know much about Commodore (who I worked for in 1983-1984).  CBM used left over cases until the inventory was depleted.  This is why the first batch of "Silver Label" C64's had tan colored VIC-20 function keys instead of the traditional grey color that was found on the next 16.98 million machines.

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you are funny smile

What does it matter if they cleared out inventory - it came to market as White Version first, labelled 1541 (some may even say 1540 on the back Label), so what I said is and will be 100% true. So they do not came out with the 1541 to match the Brown case in the first place (like you said), they did not care about the Color at all. So you are wrong, no matter where you worked or what you say. You can also see that when you open the case, White Versions have older board layouts (ASSY) and chip date codes then Brown ones. At least as far as I know of my 50 or whatever 1541's

Now, please, do not tell me any more except you have some relevance source exept "working there" - I doubt you assembled on the line in Japan or was a Manager who "found" 1540 cases in 1983-84 and ordered them to be sold as 1541.

I don't believe that, also the silver Label has nothing to do with the Keyboard. I don't think they counted oh we have 45.000 orange Keyboards left, we now make 45.000 silber Labels. They did not care, there is a silver Label with Grey keys also. I have one. And others too.

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The 1541 came to market as a white version first to get rid of excess white plastic in the inventory.   CBM *never* produced white cases for the 1541, only the grey color cases.  The white colored cases were left over from the 1540 production run.  Just like they *never* produced tan colored function keys for the C64 - those were left over from the VIC-20 production.  The 1541 also used the same "long board" as the 1540, and then went through 3 more revisions (none of which were ever in the 1540).

I worked for Commodore as the educational support director and service manager for the largest Commodore service center on the west coast (2nd largest service center in the U.S.)  I know exactly what inventory we had for new products going to schools, and what parts we had for service.

Yes, there were silver label C64's with grey function keys... those appeared after the inventory of tan colored function keys was depleted.

You clearly you don't know how Commodore worked.  Do a search.  You will find a lot of information on the silver label C64's, the tan colored function keys, the various case colors, etc.

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Guys, take it easy, this isn't really related to the Vic20 core is it?
Let's not fight in this thread.