Can I use the internal USB ports? Can it read USB sticks?

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The Internal USB port(s) currently are not designed to be used to read or connect USB sticks or Flash drives. The internal USB header is meant to be connected via the front of a pc case with a USB header cable and then to a PC USB port which is the best method. It can then (by using the replay OSD menu, USB enable command), be automatically added like a windows pc drive. EG: once its enabled in the Replay OSD menu USB option, a drive letter will appear in the windows file manager. This is the same principle with the OS’s etc. Note: Once this is enabled, the Amiga’s Hdisks or whatever .HDF you have loaded will be disconnected from the Core in the replay or basically you wont be able to access the .HDF or Hdiskfile again until you reboot your Replay. This though, gives you access to the SDcard which is handy and gives access to add/remove files and folders and edit .ini files etc, much simpler than removing and putting it in a PC or MAC etc just to add or remove and edit stuff.

Replay2…(Coming soon).

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