Can I use the Replay for Robotics programing?

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Robotics software programming, certainly maybe possible especially on the upcoming Replay2 which has even much greater specifications and connections like a much more advanced FPGA, Ethernet, Usb, UsbSerial, Jtag, Auxio, DDR3 Ram etc and even possible addon Arduino hats or Daughterboard options, but at this time though, there is currently no framework or interface software available. Certainly check back in the future for further updates on this topic.

Note: Alternate OS systems as well like Ubuntu, linaro, arch, debian liunx etc may also be available and possible on the Replay2.
This in itself would be very useful in the world of robotics for one thing making the replay a far more versatile machine indeed.
Apart from this, currently check out our Vidor 4000 board which is Arduino compatible already.
Also see our faq’s section on how to setup and install the Vidor for use with OS and Game cores.
At this time, the sound is not implemented via hdmi and as such you will need to manually hookup this up.
Vidor Setup & Installation.

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