Can I use USB Storage devices & Bluetooth or Wireless dongles?

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Wireless & Bluetooth Dongles

Currently working, Wireless Keyboards & Mice dongles include for example the (Logitech k400r) and (Rapoo 8000) dongles.

Also note:  Also Initially, these dongles will need to be plugged into the Replay1 Daughterboard / Replay2 baseboard to work.

In the near future, possible options may include builtin Wireless and also Bluetooth with the Replay2 when available.**

Also Replay1 / Replay2 may also include USB network adapters as an alternative option to builtin wireless or hardwired networking.

Note: ** Specifications and drivers dependency and design can and may change before release.

USB Storage & Boot devices

USB storage devices / flash sticks etc will initially be core specific and require either new rom files or and drivers updated prior to release before availability.

Bootable USB storage devices / flash sticks will also require additional roms and updates to the existing rom prior to release and availability.

Note: Other uses of USB ports could also be provided in the future for custom requirements and controllers etc for professional applications etc.

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