Does the Daughterboard support an FPU & MMU? Is this HW or SW?

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The Daughterboard will support an FPU & MMU if using a real 68060 RC50. Note: There are alot of fake cpu’s even badged and you will know if yours is working by using sysinfo etc looking at the FPU info etc. The replay will be tested with a real RC50 so again assuming you have a real ver it will work. Other than this, at a future date, there will also be a software implementation of an FPU and lastly MMU. This will allow the use of Non FPU or and MMU 68060 cpus in the Daughterboard which can then reduce the cost of the cpu but then will be able to make use a software FPU & MMU instead. These also still currently in testing, should be able to go at the current time, from 50-100mhz. Maximum speeds at this time is unknown. There is also a fan plug on the Daughterboard to accommodate the higher speeds.

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