Does the replay also work like an Amiga 3000? Does it also have a FPU?

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At this time, the Replay1 Baseboard is like an Amiga 1200 with an 020 cpu, but the speed is faster than an 030 Amiga.
It does not currently have an implemented FPU or MMU. The FPU plan is to implement in software at a later date. This should enable software such as 3d modeling and animation which can then make use of the FPU for rendering etc. An FPU will also be useful for Game Demos where fractal and 3D Rendering in real time is required. Note: If you purchase the 060 Db it has the provision among other things, the ability to add a real Motorola 060 CPU which depending on the chip you purchase has a real FPU and MMU built in.

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