How come im only seeing 2/4/8 meg fast ram on Workbench?

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The Replay baseboard as standard has a total of 64meg of ram ie: a combination of chip,slow and fast ram plus xtra ram. The xtra ram which can be enabled via the OSD, which can add another 48meg of fast ram for use with ie: say on an amiga workbench for example. Other core OS’s will also have options for using this also. To enable the xtra 48 meg of ram, on the OSD under the “Amiga Chipset Menu” option screen, make sure you have “Chipset XRAM” and enable selected. Next again on the OSD, on the “Amiga Memory” screen, select next to the “XRAM” option, 48.0 meg. This will enable the xtra ram inside the replay for use. To make use of this ram, ie: for use on the workbench, you currently need to use the “addreplaymem” command. This you would put at the very top of your startup sequence.

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