How do I enable the Floppydisk connector?

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Replay1 Daughterboard
The Real Floppydisk connector can be enabled via the OSD (On screen display) when ready. Also the replay will see this then as a real floppy drive eg: df0: Note: If a real Hardware Floppydisk drive is selected in OSD, it becomes the DF0: drive to boot up on, also when that is, you still get the use of df1:,df2:,df3 drives on .ADF’S on also drives on wb or out of wb for adf’s on those drives as well.

Also note: There are settings in the Computer Core files eg: AtariST and Amiga for example, Amiga 020/060 .ini files that have settings also for the floppy drives and what type you are using. You can select either to use PC or Amiga floppy drives on the floppy drive connector and also what jumped setting is required for this to work if using a PC floppydrive.
Note: In relation to the what floppydrive is selected in the .ini, technically its because it needs to respond to DS0 select (as used in any Amiga) when in Amiga mode, and if in PC mode this usually responds to DS1 select.

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