How do I wire a DB9 Serial cable? Is it Null modem?

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Yes, it is a null modem cable. A wiring example is as below. (DB9 to DB9).


1) For Windows, it should download the drivers for you (depending on update settings) but you might need to install new drivers if not. Software wise,  you can use putty and see this page for serial setup. Settings are baud 115200, bits 8, stop 1, parity None, Flow control software Xon/Xoff (usually work).

2) For linux, no driver should be required for the more usual rs232/usb cables (ftdi and prolific based). As for programs, minicom is one of the preferred. Example, run it with “minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB0” then press “ctrl+a o” and select “serial port setup”. Settings should be for “E” bps/par/bits, “115200 8N1” and for “F” hardware flow control “No” and “G” software flow control “Yes”. Note: ttyUSB0 might differ.

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