How to Setup the RTG Picasso96 drivers

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How to Setup the RTG Picasso96 drivers on the Replay

  1. Make sure you have if not already, Downloaded and update your Replay using the latest RTG compatible Amiga core here:
  2. Next, download the Picasso96 installer from or alternatively from
  3. This contains an archive of the Picasso96 V2.x software. Note: As we do not have the rights to distribute the P96 package we are unable to provide this software on an adf disk for you. You can however use a program like winuae or similar to run the Amiga workbench in and then using for example Opus4 or other program, copy these files to a .adf disk which you could then mount later of your own or you alternatively copy the Picasso96 files/archive to a folder on your Workbench disk directly for later use. You will also need to download latest replay.card driver and store it also on a .adf disk for later use or again directly on a workbench folder.
  4. Next run the Amiga core and load the Workbench. Now either mount your newly created Picasso96.adf disk or copy the p96install.lha or files from your saved folder to a hard drive folder of you selection.  Un-arc the contents of this file to your RAM: drive.  Open the RAM: drive and double-click on the Picasso96 Installer.  Follow the on-screen prompts.  This will install the Picasso96 RTG system on your Amiga.
  5. If you are having a problem running the installer program eg: It wont run or your getting unknown errors, download the installer package and copy this to your c: folder.
  6. Note: At some point along the way in the installation it will ask to select a monitor type, at this point select “uaegfx”. Note: This monitor driver is included with the Aminet Picasso96 install, the newer now Wiki.icomp Picasso96 version does not have this monitor driver, so select any driver it wont matter at this point.
  7. Next when installation is complete, navigate to your Devs/Monitors folder and rename the “uaegfx” or (alternatively in the previous step what monitor driver you selected) monitor to become named “Replay” instead. Then mod the tooltypes of the Replay monitor to say “BOARDTYPE”=Replay and under this if it is not already there the next ToolType should read, “SETTINGSFILE=SYS:Devs/Picasso96Settings/.
  8. Next double-click the REPLAY icon that is on your now Devs:Monitors folder which will then activate the replay monitor for selection in preferences etc. Lastly again you will need to copy the previously downloaded updated “Replay.card” driver to your libs:Picasso96/ folder and then reboot your Amiga. Note: If the “Replay” and “” monitor file is in the Workbench root folder, move this to the Devs:Monitors instead.
  9. Now, go to your PREFS: folder and run the ScreenMode program.  You should now see several screen modes labeled “REPLAY: ZZZ x YYY” (where ZZZ and YYY are resolutions) eg: 640×480@8bit 256color.  Select a resolution and click USE (do not click SAVE until you are sure that it is working).  If all is well, the screen will automatically switch to the RTG system and should show you a new hires Workbench!. If you get an error that says, “GFX Board error or similar response”, Just make sure the “Replay” is selected in the menu of “Picasso96mode” program. This program would normally be in the Prefs folder.
  10. Also Note: You can setup more Picasso96 RTG screen modes by using the program “Picasso96Mode” or “Picasso96Settings”, which should also be installed on your Workbench disk. There is also a folder of Picasso programs including a test program for the RTG.
  11. Note!! Replay’s RTG system uses the Picasso96 RTG framework. This framework does NOT support commercial games! The Picasso96 system is designed as a Workbench enhancement, and any well behaved application that uses standard system function calls will work perfectly with it. Do not expect system hacks or any program that pokes at the display hardware directly to work.
  12. Also Picasso RTG requires your replay to have 8MB of FAST memory selected in the OSD.
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