My Board has gone dead, wont turn on? How can I reflash it?

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Very very rarely, the Replay Baseboard or Motherboard, may run into a problem where it might not switch on at all. You may see no lights or and no picture at all on your monitor etc from the replay even though its plugged in and turned on. There has been two or three occurrences of this recorded out of hundreds of boards and as such, there is a method to correct this should this occur.

Follow this link below for the first part of the flashing instructions. This flash procedure which is used with a program called BOSSA once done, prepares the Replay for the real Firmware. BOSSA is a windows program, but also alternatively you can use linux or mac clients. Other than this, you can also use SAM-BA.

Also NOTE: If at all possible, do not use the micro usb connector to flash or and update etc, only use the USB-A header connector to connect to your pc usb port as the micro usb connectors are very fragile.

Next follow this procedure again using windows by default. This will then allow the replay firmware to be installed which will then allow the replay to boot again and also allow the use of sdcards once again.


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