What is Picasso96 and RTG anyways?

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The P96 or Picasso96 RTG is a software implementation of the Picasso96 graphics card used in the Amiga computers. This allowed the use of for example, large Workbench resolutions eg: 1280×1024 in 256 color or 65000 or even 16million colors. It also improves and because it interfaced the Blitter and libraries it could also move the Amiga windowing system around on screen much faster even in these large modes so as not to see any difference. To install the Picasso96 follow this link. Other uses and speed could be seen in fills and drawing etc in paint programs for example. In later versions of the software eg on the Amiga in the personal paint 7.X series, people finally had the ability to paint using virtually only with fast memory leaving the chip memory alone. This was a dream come true, finally being able to paint and or animate in larger 256 color and beyond on huge screen sizes something not possible at the time.
Note: Buy using a 68060 CPU it may also enhance this again by using the 68060 CPU seen as a software speed boost in itself.

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