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<![CDATA[Acorn Electron 2.0 + Turbo mode]]> https://www.fpgaarcade.com:443/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=11389#p11389 I've uploaded a new release of the Acorn Electron core.

This release adds quite a few new features.

  * Plus1 expansion support allowing ROMs and joysticks to be used.
  * Uncompressed UEF loading support, no more conversion to raw before loading.
  * Turbo Load. An experimental non-authentic feature to speed up tape load times by ~6x. Elite will now load in ~52s rather than just over 5 minutes.

You can download this and prior releases at https://github.com/Sector14/acorn-elect … e/releases

Please note, version 2.0+ of the core requires an Arm firmware newer than 8th January 2018. Users of older firmware will be unable to load uef (or raw) files due to the switch to a new ARM supported tape driver.

Instructions on how to use the Plus1 can be found in the included readme.md file.

Known Issues

(Edit: Potentially fixed as of v2.0.1) Turbo mode isn't fully stable yet, although it feels close, there is the odd time a game such as BeachHead will get stuck on the loading screen forever saying "SEARCHING". If that happens, eject and re-insert the tape and it'll eventually pickup where it left off.

(Edit: Fixed as of v2.0.1) Also, there's an issueatm where if the tape runs out, the OSD will slow to a crawl, if you give it long enough key presses will eventually make it to the OSD and turning off play or ejecting the tape will bring it back to normal. We know the cause of this problem and a fix will be made available in time.

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