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This is probably the easiest to reproduce - however in my experience untested often means bust, and that's no good for reverse engineering. Cheap though!

I usually still take them (if cheap enough and schematics exist), because they are often very easy and inexpensive to fix.

If not, it is always good to have some spareparts, especially if the board has several custom ICs hard to find "without board"...

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However, the latter may really exceed the FPGAs capabilities.

Before this happens, it will first exceed the possibilities to reverse engineer using non-destructive measures: checking the board schematics (if available) plus known chip functions (e.g. from emulator code/comments or any other documents/specifications if available) and looking at the pins with a logic analyzer plus oscilloscope (maybe also using some own ROM code running on the board to trigger certain functions)...

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<![CDATA[Re: Sega's 'SuperScaler' arcade hardware: realizable?]]> https://www.fpgaarcade.com:443/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=5129#p5129 This is probably the easiest to reproduce - however in my experience untested often means bust, and that's no good for reverse engineering. Cheap though!

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<![CDATA[Re: Sega's 'SuperScaler' arcade hardware: realizable?]]> https://www.fpgaarcade.com:443/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=5128#p5128 If I really bid, I will tell here 10 mins in advance. Of course only at the end of the auction.

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<![CDATA[Re: Sega's 'SuperScaler' arcade hardware: realizable?]]> https://www.fpgaarcade.com:443/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=5121#p5121 Im not bidding yet. This one is untested, which might imply some extra work. Since I cannot help there personally, I would not start bidding without further communication.

I guess, the original Hang on would be a good starting point. It is the first super scaler hardware.

There are roughly the following hardware boards:

a) Hang On / Space Harrier / Enduro racer  / a special Super Hang On version, I think
b) Out Run /Super Hang On / Turbo Out Run
c) X-Board: Afterburner, Thunder Blade and others
d) Y-Board: Power Drift and others

a) and b) share a lot of custom chips, as well as c) and d). However, the latter may really exceed the FPGAs capabilities.

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<![CDATA[Re: Sega's 'SuperScaler' arcade hardware: realizable?]]> https://www.fpgaarcade.com:443/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=5119#p5119 Is somebody here bidding on this?  I hate for us all to outbid each other and increase the price unnecessarily.  Also, this is not the same as the Super Hang-on - is it still desired?

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<![CDATA[Re: Sega's 'SuperScaler' arcade hardware: realizable?]]> https://www.fpgaarcade.com:443/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=5114#p5114 "Untested" Hang On board set on ebay:

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sega-Hang-On-Si … 35eb88627a

Auction ends tomorrow

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<![CDATA[Re: Sega's 'SuperScaler' arcade hardware: realizable?]]> https://www.fpgaarcade.com:443/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=5108#p5108 I will, once I have my replay board. Sega (3D game) conversions really are an interesting topic. They never reached the original, not even remotely. But than again, a totally arkward looking C64 Outrun conversion by far exceeds the ok looking Amiga version in playablility smile

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<![CDATA[Re: Sega's 'SuperScaler' arcade hardware: realizable?]]> https://www.fpgaarcade.com:443/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=5107#p5107 Meanwhile you may use the versions on the c64 or amiga setup on Replay. Oh, have to check if they work on the c64 core  wink

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I was very tempted - good price, but I missed it too sad

I would happily donate ~EUR50 without hesitation for such a purpose, if there is a realistic chance to see results in months (not decades..)

But first things first, I will order the fpga board now.
( Maybe I will even get involved in development one day, but this is wishful thinking, I studied that stuff, but ended up as SW dev, which may sound worse than it is smile )

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<![CDATA[Re: Sega's 'SuperScaler' arcade hardware: realizable?]]> https://www.fpgaarcade.com:443/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=5104#p5104 Moved it here to the arcade section, as it contains some links which might be useful later on and should not get lost in the general discussion section...

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<![CDATA[Re: Sega's 'SuperScaler' arcade hardware: realizable?]]> https://www.fpgaarcade.com:443/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=5103#p5103 It was gone as soon as you posted the link, or I would have bought it.

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<![CDATA[Re: Sega's 'SuperScaler' arcade hardware: realizable?]]> https://www.fpgaarcade.com:443/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=5102#p5102 I was very tempted - good price, but I missed it too sad

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<![CDATA[Re: Sega's 'SuperScaler' arcade hardware: realizable?]]> https://www.fpgaarcade.com:443/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=5101#p5101 MikeJ wrote:

If somebody wants to make a donation .....

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sega-Super-Hang … 1c52c90786

Did you get it? I was too late... sad
Will ask some of the dealers here in Europe what they can do...

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<![CDATA[Re: Sega's 'SuperScaler' arcade hardware: realizable?]]> https://www.fpgaarcade.com:443/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=5097#p5097 I'm definitly tempted wink
One day is a bit short to decide though, I'm still working on my personal justification to actually buy the replay hardware.

Are there more Sega Enthusiasts attending? Maybe we can somehow split the costs.

BTW, there are two versions of Super Hang On. One is probably an upgrade kit for Hang-On, using the Hang-On/Space Harrier hardware, and one is using the Out Run hardware. From googling the serial numbers of the board on ebay, I would guess this is Out Run. (Also great, but maybe a bit more ambitious...)

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