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As always, thanks for your work.


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Great job Sir! Awesome to have another core developer on board smile


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I'd also like one for the current base board.


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That is awesome! Seems like we are really getting somewhere now smile

MikeJ wrote:

We really need to get this wiki up...

Can I help in any way? I have limited time but would be keen to assist with content or whatever?



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Welcome to the slowly expanding club!
Please post some pics, it would be great to see what you've put together


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Makerbot Replicator 2


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Totally understand the family / work commitments, but could you release the first version of your file so that those of us with idle printers and spare filament could have a go? smile


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Excellent! I cannot wait for wider adoption of this amazing board!


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Excellent! So looking forward to this :-)


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Awesome. Hopefully a new machine soon :-)


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Sources here: https://mist-fpga.net/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=198
Looks like GPL


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Has anyone seen this?

Looks like it could be quite useful?


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gpz, do you really not have a board yet?

I would also be interested in this as I've had trouble getting this to work (was using an actual A500 though with a Kipper2K ram expansion for a WHDLoad setup).


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This is going to be legendary (and give my printer a nice workout smile)


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It's Northern Hemisphere summer, probably best to be patient.


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Oh YES PLEASE! smile
C64, Speccy and Amiga will make me a happy man smile


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Will you share the STL?
I have a nice printer at work I would like to use to make one of these! smile



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Mine turned out to be a cracked solder joint on the LOPT. Quick resolder and its now functional!
YAY! Thank goodness for friends who know the high voltage debugging stuff smile



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Lovely looking case! I will definitely print one if you release the files :-)


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My 1084 switches on, but there is no picture. I cannot hear any sound at all.
The monitor was dropped in shipping and the case mounts cracked off (the plastic). There is no obvious board or tube damage but it certainly could be a dry solder joint issue. The high voltage is what is scaring me off of getting too deep into it.

I do know someone at a hacker space who knows about monitors (arcade) so perhaps I can bring it in for him to have a look at.

Thanks for you input I will let you know how it goes.


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I also have a broken monitor that I believe is CM8833 based (Commodore 1084) and information on this would be awesome.
I did see on this on Amibay:

http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?78 … light=lopt

Not sure if you have a MK II?


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As do I!
It certainly seems like you have climbed to the top of the hill, the potential energy is enormous smile


Macro wrote:

Now I would like to see something like this ...


He is using a Papilio at the moment. Hopefully the guy will publish his code, because I'd like to be able to read some of the old floppy disks I have stashed away (particularly an old commodore one in 8250 format)

but would be handy for reading / dumping other formats

hmm, may have to start experimenting, controlling a BBC / ST / PC drive should be somewhat simpler

That Compucolor machine is fascinating! smile