Waiting patiently for vampire daughterboard... big_smile


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Any reason why we can't just use a line-buffer instead?


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Re-compressed with RAR5 compression.


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I think Turrican 2 may have used it for the water, and I know Armour-Geddon used it in cockpit view and not external view.

phluxx wrote:

I guess you never had a monochrome (green) display wink . Their picture was a lot clearer because no dot mask was needed. It was really like having every second row black.

I wouldn't go as far as asking for a green mode in FPGA Arcade though,

If someone ports the Amstrad CPC over then we'll need a green screen mode wink

You can see the same glitches in this youtube video which states that it's captured from a real C64:



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Are we aiming for one core to run them all, or separate A500/A1200 cores with appropriately specced chipsets?

Any extra features can be disabled on boot and enabled with an appropriate setpatch command.


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JimDrew wrote:

Mike, does the DMA work across more than 2MB of address space?  That is the issue with a real Amiga... that and AmigaDOS itself (ie. exec, intuition, and graphics libraries) won't handle >2MB of addressing in CHIP memory for devices that use DMA (audio, disk, video, etc.).  So, the OS would have to be patched or killed to add this support.

We definitely need to restrict the speed of the custom chip bus, because that is breaking a LOT of programs right now.

The bus speed issue could be fixed by only slowing down accesses to chip ram below 2MB.

Is the O/S hardcoded in it's chip ram use? I thought it just AllocMem()'d with MEMF_CHIP and didn't care where it physically was.