Hello, sorry I missed this (the git case was closed).
It looks like a problem with the active converter. I'll have a play with loader and see if I can reproduce it.


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Please use this forum for discussion specific to the Terasic DE10-Nano platform.


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Please use this forum for discussion specific to the Vidor4000 platform.


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haha wow that is an oldie !


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It something I keep meaning to go back to. We have improved the RTL to match the schematics a little better, and we have a lot of extracted layout data now to work with.

The issue is still how to model the analogue bits sufficiently well in an FPGA.


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Ah excellent. I'll take a look and reach out to them when time permits. Thanks.


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Hi Istvan and welcome. Looks great.
I've looked at the TED schematics for years but never found the time or enthusiasm to work on it.
I would love to include your core in our ecosystem if that's ok.
btw you are more than welcome to join us on the slack group.


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yes I've been following it for a while, looks cool.
It's not clear to me if they encourage other platforms to run their core? It will certainly run on Replay2.


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Sure, sent you a PM


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Hiya. The discussion is on slack, ping me and come along if you wish.
Going well, I've got samples for the Xilinx ultrascale part now and I'm finalizing layout.
Some website updates coming soon with the spec....

I was hoping to get the board out to manufacture by now, but life is a bit complex at the moment.

Hiya and welcome.
The code I wrote is fairly close to the original but not enough to directly interface with the other chips I'm afraid.
Sorry sad


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ahha, of course.


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It would be a lot easier if you poked us on slack! Email me!


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While I remember, I have some atx real panels suitable for the 060DB.
Ping me if you want one.


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Seemed to be a stuck activation queue again, fixed it!


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Hiya. You are getting the cores from the new release area, good.
I can't see the image you post sad
p.s. come join us on slack! https://www.fpgaarcade.com/kb/forum-and-chat-support/



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Potentially faster yes, although we have an option to slow things down.
I'll send you a slack link as well if you want to discuss interactively.


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oops just saw this!
I'll email you.


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Replay2 will prototype this year. Preparing some announcements. It's very exciting but it's involved a lot of negotiations in the background.


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Forum is back up, more for archive than anything else.

You may find your username has been deleted as part of the hack cleanup, if so feel free to re-register.


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yes it has - well it's archived. We've got you on slack now, but for everybody else we have a private git repos and are moving to public releases.
For now


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oh crap you need to be on slack and have access to the git repository.
Moving public as fast as possible
You need to run a different core. Email me!