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Jackflash wrote:

2 weeks and no reply, it would seem this forum has been abandoned

I think Mike is quite busy to finish the batch of daugterboard 060 ... as some get shipped.

Matter of time i guess !

I check everyday as well , if either i do not post , actually i play with the new Workbench 3.1.4


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uigiflip wrote:

daughter board now shipping

received mine today

Good News !

Cool :-) pre-paid mine to Amedia in France :-) so ... things are on the way !

I am too excited too about this new Addon !

Now just need to wait :-)


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Send u just email :-) Ready to jump for it :-)

Thanks for your hard works as well !


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Hello :-) Is this possible to get one invite for the slack chat team ? :-)

Thanks !


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As perhaps some as you know, Archive file TZX is a format that embed everything in one packed file.

Can be custom loader, part , side A & B ... everything is packed in one file.

I started to study the format Header and was thinking how i could add it inside the actual core ...

So any idea about how we could do it ?

My Idea is making a virtual container inside the ARM firmware ... Arm Firmware will load the TZX unpack and cut all parts inside each parts created ( Screen memory , loader , turbo , data , side A , side B ... and so on )

So over OSD we could select the right part ... and if Spectrum ask for a new block data, we can press on FXY ...to start the play data ...

F6 Play data

Now i try to understand how i can sync all of this ...

This is my first project in FPGA :-) i brought some book .. and this is reallllllly different from any stuff i learn but hey this is a challenge :-)

If someone has some Idea ?

First i will code a TZX parser and a virtual tape container with all data inside, will perhaps see more clearly after !



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MikeJ wrote:

This seems to be the consensus.
Turning it around, how many people who already have a baseboard want the first run of the 060 board - and be first to play with it?

Have a baseboard & ready !


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Will send u email to check !


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MediaWiki , could be nice for it. ( https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki ).



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I try to learn :-) and first read all the code here and there to understand how VHDL works :-)


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Actually i creating all my .ini settings for A500 / A1200 ( OCS/ECS/AGA ) Memory / HDD mode.

I updated my sys ( ARM firmware End December ) and last FPGA firmware.

Will debug more and more now and make report, time that all is in place.


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MikeJ wrote:

"Keeping history of actual Path on SD-Card when reading second ADF."
This is a good idea, but need some help with how it would work.

Each drive has it's own path and file name. When you choose for the first disk, how do disk 2/3/4 know to jump to the same directory? They might be somewhere else.

Maybe pressing 1,2,3 or 4 would set to the same directory as that drive number?

Yes , 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 as history path could be nice too.

Either it could be nice to have 1 as old history path from the previous ADF path , and 2/3/4 configurable in .ini file.

2 = Demos
3 = Games
4 = Software

And i found something about this ... , example , if you change ADF and go on ADF/Demos/Demo_Zzz/DiskA.adf
If you forget to put the file selector PTR on root on disk , if you save your .ini file , it will be saved on previous ADF folder selected and not on rootfs SDcard.
When i browsed back , i saw a backup.ini saved on my ADF folder.


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Keeping history of actual Path on SD-Card when reading second ADF.

Explanation : I select First ADF on path manually => /ADF/Games/A/A_disk1.adf

When i select the second ADF ... could be nice to have Working Path as /ADF/Games/A/

When i will select the second ADF entry , i will restart from root path ... for multi disk , it can be long ... to select all disk , when you have your compilation disk ... and ready system it can be easy, but if you want like i started to do , to test the complete ToSec Amiga ADF library :-)

And more , some games detect only 2 readers ... either if game is on 3-4 ADF ... so each time you must browse all the folder one by one.


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Fixed : Ok , tested Hrtmon in AGA mode 68EC20/AGA 2 MB Chip, 4 Fast ( Cache disabled ).


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Cool options , Cartridge is nice idea and more for HRTMon , as others iirc was not working under A1200 specs ( Datel Action replay MK ).

I Have done it , but i have a guru, need to check deeper.

Firmware FPGA REV : 81A0 ( i used the .ini gived with the file )

68EC20 - AGA
P96 Disabled

When i try to trigger it i have a Guru ( 8000 000B -- 00203290 )

Will re-check if this is not my .ini ( DATA for 1200 is inserted , line to download HRT enabled too ).

Edit : Updated bin+config ( removed the # to load Hrtmon.bin ) -> All working now , i can trigger the monitor in Kickstart boot ... and tested with a game quicky ( Theatre of Death from Psygnosis ).


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:-) Ok Back to life  ! Will be able to post more debug as well & testing


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Just to post , i updated SVN and beeing able to compile all public core ( either the last pushed Pacman ).

All is perfect , SVN & compile all cores !


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No prob :-)
From my first reading, i wanted to tell that the base library for the FPGArcade is amazing.
Good Job !


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FYI Seems the automatic script mirroring missed to push files as now on public SVN, only folders are there, but empty.


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Thanks ! Working for me !

I have some reading now :-)


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Good News :-)


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Nice Work ! and WiP , really , i never get Apple II , i started computer over Zx81/Ql/Spectrum to few years later fall inside the Amiga world :-)

Happy that with the Replay, i will be able to make some fun on Apple II !


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https://medium.com/@fogleman/i-made-an- … 078c9b28fe

Some reading found on internet ...


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MikeJ wrote:

I've fixed the forum mail now, sorry about that. I've mailed you.

I sent you too an email two days ago over the forum, have you recevied it ?


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Thanks for your work on this dev board ! And all the work done up to now... and we can tell that an amazing work has been already released...

I am not yet a proud owner of the box ( but ordered :-) ).

Fan of 80' computers .... FPGA was missing in my Library of Geek Toy.

I will be able ( if my job let me do it ) to make some report and debug as well.

I love Sat-TV, linux STB , Alternative OS, electronic & challenge.

Actually i learnt a lot about FPGA, for sure not enough to make a project of reversing and porting complete IC :-)