Yes, that sounds all very good. I am excited to test them soon (I hope). If it happens, it will make sense to have an FPGA (which is "reconfigurable") - one board and many Options.

I would not have a Smartphone if not my friend (who is deaf and cannot use the phone and relies on SMS contact) would have gave me one for birthday present some years ago - still use that old phone.

My PC is 6-7 years, still with win7 as I do not like win 10. why should I buy a new one when it does work and is what I am used to and does exactly work the way I wants to? I tried win8 and 10 etc. but it does not give me any Advantage and especially Win8 was catastrophic. Just because NEW is not BETTER, but most People do not understand this sadly. That's why we ended up here producing electronic junk and sell beta products.

I even use a C64 from 1983 from time to time - so what?

Nobody cares if it's new on this Hobby. I would sure wish a better or upgraded Version but I think development would stop then on the old product and as no core really is ready, it would pretty much screw buyers and I hope that is not what is intended. It was sold with future upgrade possibility and future proof etc. and then you just make a new board and that was it? I don't think that will build up trust on this platform and I don't think that is the right way to do. That's my opinion if you have another one and you want to invest time to make a new board, produce it, get developers and customers then it is up to you. I think it's not the Problem of the Hardware really, it is much more the core side which is: Too less, too Buggy. A new Hardware won't help there.

It's strange from the outside to see so much potential for this FPGA replay board but all seemingly standing still. No Atari ST, no add-on-board (not even with a Serial connector or the most simply stuff), no 2600, no Spectrum. Seems a bit dead-end.


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haha, I had 5 teeth removed on 22nd Jan!!! 4 wisdom teeth and one that was in 2nd row (rare that you have 1 tooth too much but got it from my mother...).

Did not have much Problems, first day blood but does not hurt. I had anesthesia. Sadly they screwed something up in my throat so I could not speak or eat one week Long (but teeth wounds were fine, not hurting).

So now we are through it!

All the best it may get better soon!

forgot the Picture. this you mean?

hmm, what font? Do you mean that in the picture? Sorry I am not 100% sure what you mean with proper font for a product


Classic case with LOGO from "modern" case Version? Is that the font what you mean?

Strange as soon as you can customize it everyone wants a unique part and not a pregiven production Version wink

Would be stupid, when I then have the old Version, that may not be supported anymore and new Version does not fit in the case and costs Money again ?!?!?


Well that's more like a new case then a upgrade wink

Keep in mind that what I did there would cost about 150 Euros when printed somewhere professional like trinkle in cheap material (not transparent or any fancy stuff). So bigger means: More expansive and maybe not printable on home Printers. So it is doubtable anyone would ever use that file. I would not make the risk designing that for weeks and then I would have to test print it on my cost and nobody would use it anyways. A Project that big would only make sense in my opinion when there would be people that pre-order that. And not sure someone would like a "Desktop" made out of plastic stuff. To make it stable we Need a lot of material, Commodore used 3mm, mine is using 1,5 but due to construction it will not break or bend as it is reinforced.

> floppy

I would love a floppy and discussed that with Mike years back when I tried to make a new home Computer based on FPGA REPLAY, but we never got to an Interface and I am not technical enough to do it on my own:
But I do not want to warm that up again, it's a dead Project but I did some thinking on how it could be produced just by bending plastic plates, not needing a mold or anything.

Sure, replay is custom, so this case is for the base unit. With different expansions like CBM, 060, floppy you Need different requirements to heat and space. But again, this is meant to give you the smallest case with a cool look, not more, not less.

> No opening on the front  but larger in depth so we can have some room for in-case electronic (like Pico PSU adapter)

Yes, that is possible, but how much space you Need?

> In the back a slot for a dc jack adapter and a switch.

Also possible, above MENU and SD Slot is OK?

> Actually cut the space on the top for ventilation (just like a real amiga), not sure if I make sens here?

Ventilation is not needed for the base board, I talked to MikeJ. Sure it is possible, but it would require to make the case higher and it's not that easy to print and would need more material and production time. So currently it is design only with no function.

I made real vent holes on the Project 1565, which you see in the pic below on this post. So it's possible wink

> Amiga instead of FPGA wording ;p I know that some will say "legals issue!!!" but

You knew it !!! But I also like to see that it is a REPLAY and not AMIGA - because replay can do some other things then Amiga too. So it's universal and I like it, also we are used to see AMIGA on every case wink

Well with all that said, maybe it would be an Option to search a Standard case, but adapt it with a custom front design? I do not really see a big Custom replay case for now, sorry. But we can Change the Position of the Switch, that was a wish by lot of People. Just I like the small case that really fits the board, I love this Engineering to get some custom stuff that really fits. Making a new Switch is a bit cheating wink


Thanks, glad you like it it was a hard work (3 prototyes, 4 weeks etc.)

> So far the classic is really my favorite, good job!

OK, classic seems more beloved but on Facebook also got Feedback for the modern Version - it's taste and it's ok, also my Vision was the modern Version.

> Any chance you share your file for printing and the source for custom editing?

For custom editing I could do that for you as Long as it will not exceed the printer's Limit on what it can print, I could make some changes to it.

The file is a DNG from Bentley Microstation that is not very common so will not really help anyone I guess and converting alsways gives Troubles at least that is what I experienced when I tried importing something to Microstation.

Not really sure what I do now!!! I would have nothing against you print you one for personal use but I don't like it public when everyone sells it or whatever, you know the ebay people. So let me think about that and I will Keep you posted.

Meanwhile you can list your (all) wishes and I will see if I can implement them.

Thanks. Please be Patient. Everyone that wants a case will get one just try to figure out what is the best solution.

For all those who do, who build and enjoy their FPGA Arcade replay case: I present the Version 5 CLASSIC Edition you all have been waiting for! It's beige (similar to Amiga Color) and now seems to be the final Version, at least I did not see any sufficient problems.


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you are funny smile

What does it matter if they cleared out inventory - it came to market as White Version first, labelled 1541 (some may even say 1540 on the back Label), so what I said is and will be 100% true. So they do not came out with the 1541 to match the Brown case in the first place (like you said), they did not care about the Color at all. So you are wrong, no matter where you worked or what you say. You can also see that when you open the case, White Versions have older board layouts (ASSY) and chip date codes then Brown ones. At least as far as I know of my 50 or whatever 1541's

Now, please, do not tell me any more except you have some relevance source exept "working there" - I doubt you assembled on the line in Japan or was a Manager who "found" 1540 cases in 1983-84 and ordered them to be sold as 1541.

I don't believe that, also the silver Label has nothing to do with the Keyboard. I don't think they counted oh we have 45.000 orange Keyboards left, we now make 45.000 silber Labels. They did not care, there is a silver Label with Grey keys also. I have one. And others too.


(149 replies, posted in VIC20)


Wrong again, 1541 was not always sold with C64 Color:

anyways, I got you. I can Exchange the ROM if I want to.


(187 replies, posted in C64)

Sounds good but do you still work on SID or is there a newer Version available? Mike wanted to get some SID changes to you I think, that would be awesome! smile



(149 replies, posted in VIC20)

yeah, was just wondering why it is promoted as 1541 and not as 1540. if it really falls back to 1540 mode without a command - I am not sure. There was a discussion about this somewhere.


(149 replies, posted in VIC20)

nope, I have real 1540 ROM and it will not LOAD a DIRECTORY, nor get a error channel read out.

That was the only reason there was a 1541 at all: 1540 was "too fast" for the C64, because there was a Problem in CIA 6526 chip (VC20 uses: VIA 6522).

So many 1540 (ok, there were not many, but most of them) was later upgraded by a ROM swap Exchange to a 1541 (to make it work on C64).

So I can 100% definitly tell you it will NOT work - maybe on a NTSC machine (?) because they are faster, depends on your Country, but I don't think they made the Change without reason wink Trust in Commodore...


(149 replies, posted in VIC20)

why 1541 and not 1540 ROM, I now have 1540 ROM (real 1540 device) and it is said to be faster - but won't work on C64.


(85 replies, posted in Amiga)

yes, but you Need Extended ROMs in whatever Memory Location. I am not sure how to do that, I cannot find a Expansion Rom Setting. It may be possible but how? Anyone?


(85 replies, posted in Amiga)

well, for CD32 Emulation, Akiko maybe is not needed for most (all?) games.

What we would Need:
- Controller Support (data for 11 button joypad is transfered serially I think)

- NVRAM (save Option)

- ROM Support

- CD ISO Image Support.

What is the difference to WHD?
WHD only is the game data, not supporting CD functions. CD function in most games is a different Audio handling, Music is played like a Audio CD (read from drive all the time), rather then only MOD pre-sampled Sound modules. And those (MOD/GFX and Music is mixed, so most games have Background Music and effects played by Paula). When playing CD32 WHD games, only effects but no Music - not much fun.

Microcosm and some other games would be awesome, but it really is no priority I think (also would be a standalone Feature for FPGA Replay, regarding other FPGA Projects).

I would rather would have liked an ROM Option, just to see the cool CDTV Screen animation, rather then boring kick 1.3


(85 replies, posted in Amiga)

Where is the Audio board?

What about ROM Support like CDTV / CD32 and some Standard adresses like A590HDD / GVP HDD )Guru ROM) to make it Kick 1.3 Bootable or something similar?

kick 1.3 has no HDD Driver - a HDD usually has it's own ROM as far as I know, e.g. Guru ROM on GVP.

You would Need some Driver on a disk to activate the IDE-port - or Kick 2.05 v37.300 or better

UAE has much more Support, e.g. PC Cards, SCSI, CD etc. so don't expect replay to do all that what you read somewhere on the net. Sad, but that's it


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I made ini files for a500 / 600 / 1200 / 1200+hdd with vga or composite. But a500 does not work for me. You can try copying your ini and change kickstart to kick13.rom and get a kickstart 1.3 with the file name in your folder. Check also default 68000, ocs a500 speed 7 mhz etc


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Vc20 cart port not needed. Too big and i am not sure there is a source of connectors. Vc20 is not main sell criteria either, c64 is. I would prefer more c64 support function.


(19 replies, posted in Expansion cards)

What about save mounting? A big tape connector may pop off the exp. Card from the board? Not sure but the connectors are really small.

What you think on c128 internal/external keyboard support? If there ever is a 128 core or just ebable the extended things (numpad etc) on c64 core maybe?

What about paddle support? I heared cannot be done on fpga replay, maybe you can built in the exact parts needed that seem missing now?

What about cart slot? Or at least pins to solder one onto?

And real sid? Sid emulations is not that good for now.

Just some brain storming

Don't make it so complex, ADF is slower and limited to 880 kB - how you want to Transfer e.g. a WAV or WHD game with 14 disks etc.

You can find FAT and carddisk device here:

Would be cool just to make a replay.device where you can seach through the SD Card or a Special Folder in the SD Card.

Would that technically be possible? Is the Card FAT formatted?

That would be most awesome and also maybe easier then your idea of creating a custom adf Format in the core etc.


Sd card not cf card, sorry. Access to files on the sd card of replay for data transfer into hdf