@phluxx thanks for this! I have installed wb3.1 on the boot hd, problem though is when booting from the hdf there is an error related to pfs3 data1 partition "Rootblock extension invalid", "Disk update failed". The partition is still usable though. Is there a way to fix this?


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Hi, same here, can I please get an invite for Slack? Thanks.


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Would there be the "emulation" word hidden in the above message? smile Ah actually it is not even hidden. Not sure what the others are thinking but this might not be the phylosophy people are expecting...


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Thanks for the clear answer Mike. True that the daughterboard is adding much more than a 68060 so is worth the effort. Is there concern about a potential shortage of 68060? And if so would an 68060 on FPGA be a viable solution?


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Hi, I was wondering why wouldn't the FPGAArcade use the APOLLO core 68080 instead of plugging a 68060 daughterboard (which will be limited in quantities). From what I read this core can run fast even on moderate FPGAs so the Arcade should be able to run it properly I guess. So what is this about, is this a question of rights, of price, readiness (is the core fully functional?), cooperation? Or maybe integration is already on its way? Thanks.


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Merci darfpga smile

my PS/2 mouse has a high DPI and is barely usable as too fast (in particular in games), would be great if from the OSD we could reduce the mouse speed. Should be easy to implement by ignoring some of the mouse inputs.


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I am using a custom made acrylic case, for now I made only the top and bottom (enough to secure the board from most damages) with spacers in between. Of course it would be great to have 3D printed cases with daughterboard support, I guess this will happen someday.

@MikeJ: I only know the Amiga core using the mouse, if there is another core I can try making use of the mouse please let me know. So the status for now is that the mouse is recognized fine all the time, even without joystick plugged in. Strange, if the problem reappears I'll let you know.

@gouky: interesting! If I have a joystick plugged-in while booting, the mouse is recognized fine! Even more interesting, I removed the joystick, turned off then on the board, and after booting the mouse is still recognized properly.

My mouse is a "real" PS/2 mouse, no USB, see https://geniuseshop.com/product/dx-110-ps2/
@grandalf: have you tried to unplug then plug the mouse back in? That makes it work for me.


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MikeJ: what is the model of your Dell 4:3? Is this a DELL UltraSharp 1908FP?

Even though the Amiga core can display various resolutions (for which I have various results), an especially important one is the one used by (most) games.

Hi, I have a Genius DX-110 PS/2 mouse I am using with the Amiga core. When the Workbench is loaded, the mouse is not recognized, I have to unplug it from the PS/2 port then plug it again for it to be recognized by the system.


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Hi, I am having display issues with the Amiga core over DVI on a 4:3 screen (Viewsonic VP930) Problem is the image is not taking the full screen, is not centered, is not having the proper aspect ratio. My monitor does not let me change the image location/size when over DVI (only over VGA). I tried over VGA with a DVI to VGA adapter and there are some settings I can make to center the image but I can't control the vertical size (not in my monitor's menu). And when I change core (C64), I have to adjust the positioning again (the C64 core displays perfectly fine over DVI with my monitor though). I'd like to know how you guys are handling this, is there a "perfect" 4:3 monitor that is handling things properly all the time with every core? Which one are you using and are you having the same issues?


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Ok, if I can help setting it up please let me know. Mediawiki is the most popular one I think, everyone is used to it so no bad surprise.


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Glad to read Wolfgang is still active! About the wiki, I could maybe help setting it up, any idea of where to host it and type of wiki software? (mediawiki?)


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Thanks JimDew:
1. I mean, in OSD, Replay Menu, "Reset Target" and "Reboot Board", what's the difference?
4. got it, I need to select the floppy in OSD they go SHIFT+F11. I was actually using OSD "Reboot board" instead and this was loosing content of the drive assignments.
6. rephrasing my question: since Wolfgang seems to have dropped the project, is there any plan for anyone to take over?


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Hi, I would have the few below questions:

1. What is the difference between Reset and Reboot board in the OSD menu?
2. My understanding is the flash of the FPGA is written every time we boot, is this right? If so, isn't it a problem to write that many times into the flash? If this is a flash RAM, it should be able to retain information, why isn't it the case?
3. I read the ARM used for the OSD would retain information after power off, but I didn't notice this was the case, like the settings of the OSD are reset every time I boot.
4. for the Amiga, is there a way to reboot from floppy directly from OSD (I know the way with the Replay.ini file)? I would like to select a bootable game disk from OSD and just reboot with that disk without having to modify the .ini which is a pain, need to use another computer etc.
5. Is there an up-to-date user documentation?
6. I played a bit with the C64 core and it is mostly working but there are various display and sound issues, will this one get some attention this year? I noticed Wolfgang was working on it but seem to have dropped since October last year.



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MikeJ wrote:

The 190Euro+VAT was for the non composite version.

I myself bought that same model very recently from Amedia at 232,50€+VAT...


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It is with black bars on either side (PAL 640x200). The aspect ratio looks correct, no stretching. Btw, I found in my monitor's menu how to get proper aspect ratio for the C64, so it's all good now smile

Can't you use WinUAE on your PC and mount the hdf file there, copy what you want into it then use this same hdf on the Replay?


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Ok, but on DVI monitors I don't think the 4:3 option is that common. The Amiga core displays with proper aspect ratio on 16:9 screens (DVI).


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if I may, as phluxx I'd like to see more cores working rather than polishing already well working ones. And 4:3 aspect ratio support for 16:9 screens for the C64 core!


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Thanks Mike and thanks again for your dedication on this awesome project!


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Any news on the progress of the Apple II core? Thanks.