t.nguyen wrote:

No 68060.  I got mine from Ebay.

OK, thanks for the reply!

Do they come with the 060? How about the screws and extensions to install the board? Thanks.


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I'd like one for the current baseboard as well. Hopefully you don't mind shipping outside the EU of course wink


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Looking good! I still like to use real floppies so having that ability is a plus.

Oh nice! Thanks for posting this.

Another Kickstarter for cases? I don't use Facebook. I did pledge for 2 in the first run though.

Thanks Mike. I can wait for the release.

Mike, I flashed the 2017 Arm update again and tried my C64 core with the console connected.

I get the usual INFO lines:

INFO: Replay/c64 (c) 2015 W.S.
INFO: -Keyboard in lower PS/2 prt-
ERR: Could not open \C64\
WARN: Error during core boot
WARN: Check the .ini file
WARN: ROM upload to FPGA failed
ERR: Execution stopped at INI line 64
WARN: Error during core boot
WARN: Check the .ini file

As I said, I didn't make any changes to the ini file from the C64 other than change the name to C64.ini and it works fine with the previous Arm firmware.

Line 64 of my C64 .ini file appears to be related to the 1541 ROM file, well one of them.

Hi Mike,

Yeah, sorry, I didn't really look into it much further. Maybe I'll try the latest firmware again and hook up to the console.

The C64 version I'm using is the the 13Aug2016, however, when you unzip the file it says 07Nov15.

I'm using the stock 50p DVI VGA ini file as well, I didn't make any changes to it.


Well, I flashed the 2016 back again and now my C64 core works fine just like it used to.

I was wondering if anyone has an issue with the C64 not working after the upgrading to the latest ARM firmware?

I chose the NTSC 60 ini and updated successfully and then hit R to reboot. My board never came back on of course, I had to power cycle it.

When I tried the C64 again, the screen comes up (purple with the border) but no text ever appears and there is red letters stating it can't run the /C64/ core or something to that effect.

I do have a monitor capable of PAL 50 Hz and I was using the C64 in that mode just fine before the update.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


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I agree, seems like a waste of finite resources available.

I didn't mean to imply that this change should be done, was just mentioning what I tried to get my Amiga core going wink


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MikeJ wrote:

If I remember correctly, the ROMs are encrypted. Easy to tell if you open them in a hex editor.

I tried copying over the rom.key as well like you do when using the Amiga Forever ROMs with FS-UAE. I suppose the rom.key is useless though unless the functionality is there to use it for decrypting the ROMs.


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Ah OK, that explains it! I didn't feel bad finding another source for the 3.1 rom since I already paid to use it via Amiga Forever.


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This weekend I jumped into setting up the Amiga core. I ran into a few issues, even after reading the FAQ etc..

One of the issues was the .hdf file. I used the PDF guide linked in one of threads and the Replay would not use it.

I finally found the post that had a link to 2 premade .hdf files, thanks Amedia Computer!

A while ago I purchased Amiga Forever Classic Support Media since I already own Amiga Forever for $9.95 US.



This comes with the Workbench 3.1 ADF install media, with some enhancements, among them is the ability to use partitions larger than 4 GB.  It has media files for Workbench 2.1 and 1.3 also if you need those.

It's supposed to allow you to use the kickstart roms from Amiga Forever, but it did not work for me.

I had to find an alternative source for the .rom and that was my 2nd issue.


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That explains it then. Thanks. Not in any rush for it of course, just thought I might have been doing something wrong again or it was a bug.


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One of the things I personally like about the C64 core is that it has scanlines activated by default.

When I change to one of the options for scanlines DIM, or BLK with the Amiga core, nothing happens.

Is this broken for now?

Thanks in advance.

I'm usually pretty good at figuring things out, I guess it had not occured to me for some reason to try hitting the right arrow key additional times.

Ah, that was the trick! I guess I didn't press right enough times.

Works as expected now. Thanks for the post hicks, it was the missing bit I needed.

When I copy all of my C64 files into the root of the SD card and rename the .INI to replay.ini, the 64 starts with no issues.

I'm not really sure what the issue is with the loader.

MikeJ wrote:

To run a core from Loader you need to go to "load target" - then it should show the ini files.
You can also run any core directly by renaming it to replay.ini in root. The paths in the ini file for bin and roms etc can point a folders.

That may be my problem. There is no "load target" menu option.

I have options for "left/right - F12/Esc"

I'm using the loader from SVN: ReplayPub/hw/replay/cores/loader/sdcard/

After I press the right key, it has another menu **** replay setup ****

it says underneath Files PCM File 1 <RETURN> to set and if I click return, I see my C64 subfolder and just a ".." when I enter that folder.

My replay info says:

ARM FW:20160724_589
FPGA FW:80A0 STAT: 0000 IO:0001
INI \replay.ini

Hello, received my new board yesterday. I checked out the SVN contents to a local directory.

I prepared an SD card and copied over the contents of the loader/sdcard/ to the root of my SD card.

The Replay displays an image when I turn the power on, and I'm able to select sub-folders that I created like Atari, Amiga, C64, however, that's where things end.

I copied over the contents of replay_c64_1541_beta_13aug2016 into my sub-folder C64 and I also downloaded the required *.bin files from the roms_required file.

I guess the loader doesn't see my C64 .ini files or something as I get no menu entry for them at that point when navigating to the C64 directory.

Am I missing a step? I've read all the FAQs, watched that video of the review and setup etc.. It must be something small I'm missing.

Thanks for your time.

Thanks Mike, that's what I was looking for.

Hello, I recently purchased an FPGA Arcade Replay board. While I'm waiting for it to arrive, I wanted to purchase an adapter to use with it.

I did some browsing and searching on the forums and I've found that it requires 5V 1 Amp and center positive, however, I did not find any information on the size of the coaxial plug.   Anyone have that information handy?

Thanks for your time.