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O Men i have found the Solution ,the must use two roms for Jiffydos to get work !


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Hello what i have to write in the C64 INI File to get jiffydos Rom work for C1541 ?

The C64 Jiffydos Kernel works but the c1541 rom 8kb or 16 kb ?

Thanks and Regards Futuremen123


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Hello , have one off you the C64 core with the fix compiled and make Public her on this Tread to Download ?

Thank you and Regards Futuremen123


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Hello MikeJ , who is the update from SVN ?

I have no clou who i can download the C64 FIX



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Hello , i must say the new RTG Driver and Amiga Core is Wonderfull !!!

I have a Old TFT NEC AccuSync 72VM 17zoll ,the best is that this TFT has 50hz Pal.

Picasso96 Modes

800x600 HiColor Clock 36.00 Mhz ,36khz 56Hz ,FrameSize 1000 horiz. , 660 vert.
1024x768 HiColor Clock 54.00 Mhz ,40khz 50hz ,Framesize 1344 horiz. ,795 vert.

Thanks to MikeJ for the Hardware , Jim Drew for the Replay RTG Driver

I hope that came a 68030 Softcore in the Future !

Thanks ,i have found the Public SVN Repo !

The Amiga Core with RTG is very good and the Colecovision Core too !

Regards ,Futuremen123


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Hi Sheldon , to Add Xram to Fastram and make visible after the booting WB3.1 ,is more to say !

1. Set OSD Chipram Xram to disable
2. Set OSD Amiga Memory Xram to 48.0 MB
3. Copy AddReplayMem from Jim Drew to C:
4. add line in your S:User-Startup = Run >NIL: C:AddReplaymem 100000 3fffff

Regards ,Futuremen123

I have by a FPGA Arcade Board ,thanks to Laurent from Amedia France

but who is the Colecovision Core ,Pacman core , LadyBug core ?

Regards , Futuremen123


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Hello Members the Problem with the WB Classic P96 is the Monitor Driver in DH0 :DEVS/Monitors

Normaly the Classic WB P96 is for UAE Emulators and not for real Amiga System.

You can delete the Monitor Driver and copy the NTSC Driver and Pal Driver from Classic WB Full.

Thats make the trick for fully Working WB 3.1 P96

I have installed the Classic WB 3.9 and its a Beauty on the FPGA-Arcade Board