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Thanks guys, when you have something, let me know and I'll gladly test.


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Thanks Wolfgang, hopefully one day the display problem is fixed, if possible - means the C64 I have in my office won't be retired for the time being.

Regarding the C64 games, thanks for saving me some time, I guess these will be compatible some time in the future.


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Awesome will test the same games I had problems before, see if these are fixed with the latest core.

One question regarding the non exact screen ratio... how come is it so hard to fix? Isn't C64 resolution a fixed one? Sorry if it is a stupid question smile


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Tested on a 3rd screen, still getting the dotted line thing after a really long cold boot.


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Woah.... I'm impressed. The funny bit is that I do have a real C64C and tested Zynaps, and it didn't have any of those glitches. Not sure what to say now! Nevertheless, Chris, thank you for the headsup!


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Well I tried Zynaps on a 3rd display, and I got the same issue. Hmmm....

I made another video comparing both sides. If you look closely, on the left side of the copper effect there are short flickering vertical lines, on the other side it is perfect.



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Awesome .... talking of arcade/jamma, is the FPGAArcade powerful enough to run NeoGeo/CPS2 stuff?


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A little suggestion... today for some Xmas fun I have hooked up the FPGA Arcade to the kids TV, I have to admit, on the Philips LED, the picture looks just gorgeous. Is there a way we can use the OSD Menu via a joystick in the 2nd port, so I don't have to connect a keyboard? Just an idea smile



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wolfgang wrote:

Yes, the C64 has a quite strange ratio which needs to be scaled to be used on a VESA compatible pixel clock with minimum frequency (= to get HDMI/DVI work properly). If it would not be done, the picture would be too small in X direction and the overall aspect ratio would be wrong. Unfortunately this scaling is an odd factor and not something like e.g. a factor 2 or so. There are ways to improve this (like it is done on a PC with an emu with pixel-based filters) later on...

Edit 2: I don't see the effect you show on youtube on my monitor, I'll try on a different one to check if I can see it there...
Do you use a digital (HDMI/DVI-D) or analogue (VGA/Scart/Composite) monitor input? Could be a sync issue of your monitor in this mode - the problem is (as mentioned) that it is not really VESA conform and there is no guarantee the video will work correctly on any monitor...

The only way to fix is properly (including aspec ration fixes) is to go away from a native output to a framebuffer setup, like it is done on a EMU (where the video runs on a totally different frequency/resolution and the core just "draws" the picture to an own video memory of the graphics card). This will introduce other issues like tearing, though (as you can see in fullscreen mode in this emus).

Oops, didn't see this... so, here we go.

1. Thanks for the explanation regarding the C64 ratio. Guess will be looking for some sort of fix later on!

2. The Youtube video didn't come out very well, I will try and take a better one hoping that the artefact is more visible. I tried with both DVI->VGA and DVI->HDMI and the artefact was present on both.

3. Ugh... tearing.


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Happy Christmas to all the FPGA fans everywhere, but to especially to those who make things happen smile


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Wolfgang, tried this morning, still get the dotted line thing while browsing through the OSD after cold boot hmm

More games tested today, check the link in the first post!

MikeJ wrote:

a/ Timing clean means the design meets timing, not it's correct Amiga wise smile So no.
b/ Um, I can't remember if I implemented the write protect switch - I'll check.
c/ If you make the HDF file read only it will prevent writeback.

a/ Ah oops, excuse my ignorance smile
b/ Cheers!
c/ Cool thanks, will do that.


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Oh, damn hmm
Guess they need Amiga related questions wink

Should I put the SD Card in "write protect" mode when testing games from the .HDF, is there still a risk that the .hdf gets corrupted?


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MikeJ can you do something about the spambots, perhaps add some sort of question that verifies if whoever is registering is a human tongue - cheers!


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Wolfgang, just wondering if you missed this:

Everblue wrote:

Stupid question, how do I read PM? I cannot find any link to it smile
By the way I have noticed that the aspect ratio in pixels is not exact so certain letters look like have they have been squashed horizontally. Also horizontal scrolling is not great because of the same issue. Happens in both DVI and VGA (on different displays).

See the attached JPG, you will see how the R in "ready" looks a bit fat, and the A looks asymmetrical. The A, elsewhere, looks fine. Looking like that, it doesn't seem to be a great deal, but that is what causing scrolling to look all weird. Sorry for nitpicking smile

PS. This is not an issue in the Amiga core


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wolfgang wrote:

Ok, if PAL timing works it is a start. This should definitely have no FPGA/video timing issue and should be clean when you do a cold start tomorrow - it is the very latest release from SVN. wink

Please try the clock timing fix I just wrote before (I did an edit of the post) for the NTSC/60Hz setup, this gives a somewhat lower (standard) timing and your monitor may sync again. Need to check with Mike why he used an off-standard video clock there, I am sure there is a good reason behind I just don't know...

Re: paragraph 1: I will be 100% sure when I leave it off overnight today and check again tomorrow morning.

I did the edit, and it worked smile


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Ok you were right. Mikes loader.zip is not working for me. It gives me a black screen. Same with your Replay file. What I did to get it to work, ir rename Replay_PAL to Replay and used that one instead, worked fine.

I have also found out that unless I format the SD Card using SD Formatter 4.0 when copying the same files over, things get messy.

Not sure where to go now from here smile


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Tried again: Out of range. Used your PAL version, worked fine.

I would appreciate if you could send me all the files that go in the root of the SD Card to double check!

Thanks for clearing that up smile


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I had to use the PAL one, as the other gave me a black screen/not in range error.

Now I will have to wait for tomorrow to see if this got rid of the dotted line problem  smile

So "timing clean" core version does not have correct timing?

I am currently testing Agony, on a PC monitor which supports 50hz (usually without problems). For some reason, halfway while the game is loading the monitor is giving me an "out of range" error. To get the picture back I would then switch off the monitor, wait for 30 seconds or so, then switch it on again, and voila, the picture is back?

Any ideas?

PS. I will try on a normal TV via HDMI later