Re: Pac-Man Hardware (multiple games)

I just got a mail back from Jim (who wrote Manic Miner) and we can include the ROMs in the public SVN smile

Re: Pac-Man Hardware (multiple games)

Fixed the credit issue (moved from Credit to Coin1).

However, the Manic Minor game used both joysticks together (player2 for jump).
Works fine when using real joysticks, but using the keyboard is a problem.

I map cursor keys and space to both joystick inputs currently.

I propose to move player 2 to asdw keys, but what about fire? Shall I move player 1 fire from space also?
Any standard for this?

Re: Pac-Man Hardware (multiple games)

Ok, done ASDW and Space for player2, cursor keys and keypad Enter for player1.

1,2 are start 1,2 and 5 is credit (like MAME)

Re: Pac-Man Hardware (multiple games)

I've checked in a new binary with some audio improvements from Chris Brenner which model the DAC better.
Let me know what you think!

(really need to start supporting build time with the fpga images)

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Re: Pac-Man Hardware (multiple games)

Could you make the keys mappable in the ini perhaps?

Re: Pac-Man Hardware (multiple games)

mmm it's quicker for you to edit the code and recompile wink