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Topic: VIC-20 & 1541 core status and compatibility list

This thread collects experience with the VIC core, I will summarise them in this post.

Note: please look here first if your issue is already identified, before posting it again.

General features (SVN version 313, 02feb2014):

  • VIC-20 core in PAL configuration.

  • Direct-load to memory PRG file support.

  • 1541 floppy with D64 file support (no SD2IEC emulation, it is the "real" thing...).

  • HD (VGA/DVI/HDMI-compatible) and SD (PAL/Composite/SVHS/HDMI-compatible) mode supported.
    (of course the display need to support a 50Hz frame rate, as given by the PAL standard of the core)

  • Freely configurable PS/2 keyboard mapping (INI setup yet missing).

  • Configurable memory expansion (0k, 3k, 8k, 16k).

  • Configurable ROM cartridge (0k, 4k) with PRG file loader.

  • Digital audio volume control (4 steps).

If not explicitely documented otherwise, the core is set up with this ROM files (must be placed on sdcard):

  • kernal.901486-07.bin

  • basic.901486-01.bin

  • characters.901460-03.bin

  • 1541-c000.325302-01.bin

  • 1541-e000.901229-03.bin

General issues (SVN version 313, 02feb2014):

  • Overall this setup of VIC-20 core plus 1541 floppy is "brand new" and not exhaustively tested.

  • No NTSC support yet.

  • No tape support yet (PRG is directly load to memory, which is MUCH faster).

  • Keyboard mapping is yet not configurable via INI, although the HW doing it is already there.

  • PRG will always load to the address given by its header (must match to the RAM config!).

  • 16k memory expansion together with 8k cartridge not yet supported (only 4k cartridge).

  • VIC video: issues with some demos on maybe not fully documented features (or simply bugs in actual setup).

  • Monitor sync issues with some users (no general issue - thus hard to track, under investigation).

  • Issues may still arise while finalising the Replay framework the core is using.

Compatibility list:

Name                code  file type    Cart  SVN version      Status
(filename)          type  (mem conf.)  size  of loader.bin    (issues)
Super Expander      util   PRG (+3k)    4k   249 (13jan2014)  works (using examples found on zimmers.net)
bball2              demo   d64 (+0k)    -    313 (02feb2014)  works and looks ok
Alien Armada        game   d64 (+0k)    -    313 (02feb2014)  works and looks ok (but too fast for me...)
Realm o. t. Quest 2 game   d64 (+0k)    -    313 (02feb2014)  works and looks ok (no store function yet!)
VIC-DOOM            demo   d64 (+35k)   -    494 (15mar2014)  works great and looks ok
-Partly Working----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Robotic Liberation  demo   PRG (+16k)   -    249 (13jan2014)  runs through, audio works but VIC video issues
-Not Working-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
A.E.                game   d64 (+16k)   -    313 (02feb2014)  requires 8k RAM at $6000 and 8k RAM at $A000
Realm o. t. Quest 4 game   d64 (+16k)   -    313 (02feb2014)  crashes on splash screen (?)

Re: VIC-20 & 1541 core status and compatibility list

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