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I try Pacman Core:
   - can we rotate Image instead of screen in ini file ?   
   - i plug db9 joystick but nothing : can't start, can't play : i'm wrong ?
   - No sound

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No rotation is currently possible.  This is something that we have discussed in the past and it will require a full frame buffering system (which Mike and Wolfgang have worked on).  I am not sure how close Replay is to having the frame buffer in the frame work.  I actually bought HP ZR2440w monitors because of this issue... you can rotate the monitor.  smile

Joystick port works fine.  You have to add coins to start.  I don't recall which keys are needed, I usually just bang on the keyboard until coins appear and start!  Sound works fine.

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on the ps/2 keyboard...
" 1,2 are start 1,2 and 5 is credit (like MAME)"

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thanks it is more easy now.
this post will be interesting for new users smile
sound is ok in game.
no sound in demo

What do you think about add this in pacman ini file or OSD screen ?
   Key  5 => add Credit
   Key 1 => Start One Player
   Key 2 => Start Two Players

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Re: Pacman Core How-to

There is no sound in the demo, just like a real Pacman machine.

Mike, I would recommend adding another OSD menu option called "Information", where you can display information about the core, credits, etc.  This would be a good place to put the keyboard key info.  If the menu title is present, it could invoke the information page, otherwise there wouldn't be one.

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We have an OSD menu option for INFO, I can fix this. Good idea.