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Topic: Electron Data I/O

I've started to do a bit of reading about the various i/o options for the Electron. I only ever remember dealing with the cassette interface when I used one in the 80's, but from what I've read there was also a floppy disk option and various  ROMs via expansion bus.

For the cassette interface, one option is to use the Generic FileIO from the Framework and to implement UEF support in the core and then an additional wrapper to interface that with the 4 cassette related pins of the ULA itself.

The ULA could then load/save via SD Card but also expose the same interface to aux i/o so that with a bit of additional hardware, a physical cassette player could be used instead.

There was mention in the other BBC thread however about the WD177x floppy drive. Was support for that ever completed? As from what I've read, Acorn used the WD1770 controller in the "Acorn DFS 1770". So if code for that already exists, that might turn out to be a quicker way to get this core up and running with load/save support, at least until I read up on the UEF and decide on an implementation (UEF might be useful to support for floppy too and not just cassette.).

Has much more thought been given to the BBC core for I/O? Does implementing UEF in the core sound like a sane strategy? Alternative suggestions?

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A bit of info here hicks. http://www.adsb.co.uk/bbc/disk_controllers/

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I think there was cartridge slot on expansion module with joystick port