Topic: away for a few days

I'm heading into a field, and will be out of contact until Sunday.

I'll have a lot more time next week to push on with Replay stuff.

I'm currently working on the daughterboard  / production, Spectrum core, RTG debug and some OSD updates.

Back soon...

Re: away for a few days

\o/ I'm back. I'm reasonably sure I'm still alive...

Re: away for a few days

@mikej: Could you *please* take a look at the ST core? It's been years in the making and was supposed to be part of the REPLAY board main attractives.

Re: away for a few days

Right, I'm back again.
Yes the ST Core has suffered due to lack of time. The big problem is the need for a more accurate CPU core for the Atari demos - and this is where my focus has been, as well as the new hardware. I'll see if I can get a beta out soon for the Atari, just need to get the manufacturing stuff done.