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Topic: Acorn Electron Update

The core for the Acorn Electron is now available in the public SVN in a preview state. It's nearly feature complete, with the exception of sound but there are a few known issues.

Basic/asm programs can be used from the boot prompt, games can be loaded from a virtual cassette and data saved back out. The readme in the core sdcard folder contains more information on usage of the core, required roms and converting UEF games to a format the core can use.


A couple of games will not work due to how they depend on interrupts being generated when you don't expect it. Joe Blade and Southern Belle for example. I've got a development version that now runs Joe Blade but before I push that out I'm going over the recently released ULA schematics to see if I can nail down just when each interrupt was enabled outside of what the docs originally stated.

My immediate plans are to look at improving the interrupt handling as well as sound generation. After that the OSD for cassette control will need fast forward and rewind adding, but to be usable that will need a display counter and we're still discussing the best way to support that. There's also been a discussion about getting UEF support in to avoid the hassle of the conversion step to raw.

Once that's all done, it'll be accuracy improvements, testing load/save support with a real cassette player, hopefully no bug fixing wink and looking into add-on hardware the Electron supported via the expansion bus to see what if any is worth making available.

If you play through any games and encounter any issues, please let me know.

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Kick ass!

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Wow this is great...

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Great job Sir! Awesome to have another core developer on board smile

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How does speed compare to the real thing? Are we able to run BBC programs at anything like full speed? No idea when I'll get a chance to play with it, but congrats and many thanks!

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I've not done any side by side tests, but it should run at the same speed as the original Electron which does mean tape loading is just as slow as it was sad

There's going to be a few quirks and differences since until recently all the ULA work has been based on guess work and the reverse engineering others have done. Still getting my head around the recently released schematics to see where improvements are needed smile

As for BBC programs, I guess that depends if they were compatible with the Electron. I believe the Electron was slower than the BBC though? I don't really know much about the BBC, maybe someone else can chime in on that one.