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Hi all.

I'm going to write a couple of news posts on the main website, but a brief summary of what's going on.

First, most of the dev chat has moved to Slack. All are welcome to join our group and you can find details in the forum.
We check the forum every day, and it's still a good place for questions and support issues.

I'm still working on the Atari core and various arcade games, but the bulk of the work is being done on the 68060 daughterboard and replay2.

The 68060 db is in PCB production and I should get the board in a week or so. The plan is to hand build one or two to debug it, then build the rest immediately. This first board only fits on replay1. Most of the FPGA code is written, but there is some work remaining.

Replay2 is taking shape rapidly. It is based on the latest Xilinx FPGA, 28nm. I've just received the information I need to start layout, and code development has started. The idea is the Replay library will evolve and cores can be compiled to either board. Cores like the Amiga will gain extra features and performance for the new board.

Current replay1 owners are first in line and get a discount on the new board.
Cost is still unknown and depends on the final pricing I get from Xilinx. I am aiming for a similar price to the old board @200Euro+tax, but we'll see. No CPU tax on this board, unlike some other solutions...

It has a 300MHz ARM system controller with SDRAM, 512MB of DDR3 and 64MB of DDR memory on the FPGA. *
The FPGA will support HDMI out with embedded audio through the DVI connector. Analogue output is still supported, both for audio and video.
PS/2 (including support for the Amiga keyboard) remains, as well as USB. The board has USB debug/jtag interface built in as well.

*specs may change as development continues.

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How much more powerful would you say the new replay2 would be as far as percentage wise ? More power is always welcome smile

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For most cores the current board does the job - and well get new arcade games cores and the Atari etc.

HDVI/DVI compatibility may be a bit better on the new board, and you'll get embedded audio.

It's only the 16 bit systems which will benefit performance wise. The new memory will allow faster CPU and higher-res RTG mode.  The new ARM will bring faster HD access etc.


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I might be blind but i don't see the form to invite myself to the slack group: "Everyone can invite themselves to the slack group via the form at"

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ah yeah, we had some spam issues there. I'll PM you a link for now.

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I'll take an invite to Slack as well. I think when I tried using the form earlier, it got lost in the spam.

Looking forward to the 68060 daughterboard to go with #1023.


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Perhaps a bit early, but would it be possible to turn a Replay2 + CM3 into something that resembles a Raspberry Pi 3 enough to run one of the Linux distros that are compatible with it?

It would be nice to have a menu system slightly less bare-bones than the current one, I guess. smile

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With the CM3 you can run the standard PI distro on it - I am on mine.
The OSD is due for a revamp as well, running from the new on-board ARM core.


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It seems my question was not entirely clear. Sorry about that.

What I was really trying to ask was if it would be possible, with little to no changes to the Replay(2) architecture, to use a modified version of something like Attract-Mode, running on Linux in the CM3, as an alternative to the OSD, primarily to select and load cores.

Of course, this alternative menu system would need to either somehow coexist with the m68k emulator or be evicted whenever the emulator was needed by a core.

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I'd thought about using it to host a Web service to allow remote control, possibly via a mobile app too. Would the new arm on replay 2 be powerful enough for that without the cm3? I guess the lack of ethernet would be the issue. Either way I can help out with that if required

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The Replay2 base board will have Ethernet* connected to the ARM CPU (same70).  Would be great if you can get involved - there is a replay2 channel on slack.

*the RJ45 connector may be on a riser card. I'm also looking at wi-fi options.

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Hi Mike,

I picked up a Replay through Amedia a couple of months back. I'm not fussed about a discount, but would love to get into that priority queue for the new board. Is this possible?

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yup - just let me know the serial number of your current board once the replay2 is ready.

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Any new updates on the daughter board or the next replay board ?

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I've away for a few days this week, Erique has the board for driver dev.
68060 is running at 80MHz with local SDRAM. System boots to workbench.
Few things to iron out with RTG operation, and working on the USB/Ethernet interfaces now.

Replay2 is moving along slowly. If I get the DB completed this week and give the go to assemble the boards, we can start moving on replay2.

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