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Hi all,

to introduce myself, I am a software engineer by profession and started all this computer stuff with an Amiga 2000 in 1987 or 1988. Some years later, don't remember the exact date, an A3000 followed. Both machines I had to share with my brother, who had more skills for this computer stuff than myself, because in the pre-Amiga years he already was a talented c64 hacker. Our main fields of activity were coding and hacking, less playing games. A Retina II and some other hardware extensions had been purchased in the following years.
In the end of the 90's I bought an used A4000 from an fellow student, but never really used that machine. So some years ago I sold it again.

The A3000 is still doing his job, the only thing I had to do was the replacement of the clock battery, but the A2000 has been thrown away one day, which annoys me today.

In the last several years I purchased some A500's - most of it in bad condition but functional. One of the A500s I'd equipped with an Gotek virtual floppy drive which I find very useful (I'm a bit disappointed that the software development for the cortex floppy drive firmware has stopped and the author is not willing to give the source code to the community). The main issue about the other A500s I have fun in restoration, case modding, retr0brighting ...

Some years ago I read about the fpga arcade replay project and found this very fascinating. Not only for the amiga related abilities, also due to the arcade capabilities because I was grown up during this time and often was hanging around in these locations where phoenix-, donkey kong arcade consoles were present. I wanted to purchase one, but, as many of you know, it is hard to get one to an affordable price.
I have signed up for this forum a time ago, in the hope this makes it easier to get to a replay board. So far I used this forum only to get some news about the hardware.

One day I found an fair priced used Minimig and bought it as a compensation for the replay board. I love this device too, because AFAIK it was the first amiga fpga implementation.

Meanwhile I managed to get an fpga arcade board. At the Moment I'm carrying out considerations about the case for the replay board.

I tried to put it into an Mini-ITX case of an HP5000 Thin-client, but this is not the optimum solution:
- This case seems not to support a standard backplate
- I have to integrate an ATX-Power Supply
- Once it has been closed, some of the board sockets are no longer accessible
- It's bigger than it needs to be
- It has just one led-hole and one switch and I don't want to break the look by drilling holes into the case

So, at the moment I pursue another strategy - why not designing my own acrylic case and let it laser cut by a service provider? That's where I am at the moment.
If some of you already have designed an acrylic case, please let me know.

Bye and a wonderful X-Mas to all!

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Awsome welcome to the forum.

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Just a little correction: the above mentioned gfx board installed in the Amiga 3000 is a Picasso II not a Retina.

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Hello and welcome!

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Hello rawbit, welcome in our awesome world of fpga arcade. We all love fpga solutions and as you wrote, all began with van Weeren's Minimig years ago. I think like you most of us have this great hardware in their own collection, for guys like us it is a real must have. This never grows old! Based on this first project from Dennis the other amazing people like MikeJ or Till Harbaum could continue their own visions of retro-gaming platforms. The great Till's MiST is also a next mile stone in hardware development for our relatively small Amiga market (of course not only, but I am an Amiga fan). For me it is a Minimig GEN2, it can run at its max the A1200 and its development is already closed. I really believe that most of us have or at least had fun with this hardware too. The third, fascinating generation of Minimig is - I believe - MikeJ's replay board. It is really the Holy Grail on the retro-gaming market but there are some lucky guys (including me!) who have this baby. The most exciting thing is that the architecture of this system is not closed yet and Mike with other developers and helpers is preparing a new stuff for us to play with. The upcoming daughterboard with 060 and then a new Replay2 finally with Rasp PI as a platform for exclusive emulation of microcontroller together with an interface card to couple all boards together have led me to the conclusion on one very important and annoying issue you had brought up - the lack of a case for a replay board. In my opinion the initial assumptions that this should fit into a standard Mini ATX are ok, having in mind the upcoming expansion cards that MikeJ plans. Nevertheless for a replay board itself even the Mini ATX is bigger than necessary - I agree - it only takes the place on the desk. It is also still a big question mark if it still fits in Mini ATX with the daughterboard 060 on it! There have been presented some custom cases for the replay board here on forum or elsewhere in Internet. But unfortunately there is nobody in Mike's core team who could overtake the mechanical design of a standard case for a replay board with the daughterboard 060 on it. Personally I think it would be sufficient to provide a simple crystal case as ACube did for their Minimig years ago. The idea of a metal case as Lotharek did for the MiST, especially in version 1.3 is also pretty nice! Or one could go further and propose a 3D-printed case like in ARMiga project that also provides a bay for a floppy disk drive for "enhanced retro feeling". Here the forgotten project from gouky would be a perfect starting point (it would be great if gouky could continue on his project to provide space for the daughterboard and at least one floppy disk drive...). Gouky's project is in fact open-source and has been published but most of us are searching for a final, "ready2buy" solution! I strongly believe that fpga arcade replay board deserves one standard case (besides Mini ATX) and there is a professional among us who coud overtake this role in MikeJ's core team. We could assume that Replay1 + Daughterboard 060 + one floppy disk drive (assuming an external PSU) could be a closed architecture to start a development of such a case (or better to continue, what gouky once proposed).

Cheers and of course a Happy New Year to everybody!

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No doubt, a case with a floppy/HxC sdcard 3.5 slot will appear soon enough.

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grandalf wrote:

No doubt, a case with a floppy/HxC sdcard 3.5 slot will appear soon enough.

Hi grandalf, any updates to the custom case you mentioned last time?

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Its still in the works, had some delays here ill update when rdy.