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Topic: sdcard incompatibility after Oct17 update

I just installed the Oct2017 Firmware, and now my sdcard normally used for replay (left on photo) cannot be read anymore. After a few minutes of a black screen, I get the error in the attachment.

Another, small cheap sdcard (right on photo) is working fine though.

Don't know if this is related, but I had issues before when using an SD-Card slot extension cable  (No logic involved, just wires). Probably all of this is somehow timing related.

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Re: sdcard incompatibility after Oct17 update

Do you happen to remember which version you were using before upgrading to Oct2017?

Re: sdcard incompatibility after Oct17 update

Ive had issues unless im using Sandisk sdcards. Alot of crap ones about unknown brands. ie: Some for example, read about 20 times as slow even though they are rated the same, one of them also took like almost a minute to read the internal header to pc usb link, whereas sandisk took less than 10 sec. How big is the partition on the sdcard that does not boot now if still not booting?
if you copy that data on the one that does not boot and put it on the new one, does it work to test or still fail?

Re: sdcard incompatibility after Oct17 update

@erique I just flashed July2017 before

@grandalf thanks, although this is not quite the answer I was hoping for. Look at the image (left card) - this is definitly not a cheap, slow card. (Actually the cheap slow card on the right is the one which is working now.) However, I remember now that Mike wrote, we should use Sandisk, and I didn't, so it is fair not to count this as a bug.

It is really the card and not my setup. I didn't use any HD partitions at all, its the loader and the updater which is not working - and yes the same files work on the cheap card.

The expensive card used to work for years now. My first idea was that the new core has a problem with bigger capacities. But I guess I am now the only one with an 32 GB card.

Re: sdcard incompatibility after Oct17 update

I use a no brand 7dayshop 32gb card sd card, not sure if i did oct 17 update but did the update to format card on replay