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Topic: Black screen under kickstart 1.3

While I have an AGA configuration working fine, I want to play old games and I get a black screen.
I'm using the 1.3 kickstart provided with my CD of AmigaOS 4.1 for classic.
I read that black screen is related to CIA.
I've seen a post here about the same issue but no answer was ever given.

If I do a reset I see a grey (maybe white) screen and then black again, once it's black I can't have the OSD menu to appear.
It would be nice to be able to change ROM in the OSD menu.
Any ideas how to fix this?

Re: Black screen under kickstart 1.3

since no one is responding :
1) wrong thead it is not a replay issue so please move it to the Amiga section.
2) it is an issue but nobody is having a solution, so please write known problem no solution.
3) wrong ini file so please post a working one for me to try.

Re: Black screen under kickstart 1.3

ooh, I'm sorry! I do check here often but most stuff is on slack nowadays. You can always mail me if there are problems.
Best bet is always to check the serial output, it will tell you what's wrong if the screen does not come up.
If you go to Release on the website you can get the latest core.
Use the ini file for that, but make sure the rom name matches that in the ini file

ROM = kick_31.rom,0x80000,0x00F80000

for example.
Feel free to mail me further details.

Re: Black screen under kickstart 1.3

Hi Mike, this forum has looked like extinct for a long time. Absolutely nothing happens here. What do you mean "most stuff is on slack nowadays"? Did I miss something? How can I get there?

Re: Black screen under kickstart 1.3

Ok problem solved, help by Mike and others over @Slack
There's 2 lines for kickstart 1.3 in the ini file and I only put one uncommented because I thought one was for 256k and the other 512K kickstart.
Uncommenting both lines solves the problem.

Time to fire some game, and build an 1.3 HDF