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phluxx wrote:

Has anyone tried to get Sam's Journey running? (https://www.knightsofbytes.games/samsjourney)

looks really great, but I hesitate to buy it as long as I am not sure it works

I finally got around to adding PAL support to my CC64 core. I've been playing Sam's Journey on it for the last couple of hours, and so far so good.

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That's cool wink so I guess I know what to play next... Will let you know how it works out.

Did you run the disk or the module version?

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I ran the disk version. I haven't yet added support for GMOD2 to CC64.

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Re: C64 core talk

Just gave it a try. I tried your latest core cc64_9-8-18.zip, but I didn't see a specific PAL version/option. Maybe I missed it?

Basically, it is running on both cores, c64 and cc64, with different issues:

c64: visually quite perfect compatibility, only the SID emulation's weak spots are exposed, triggering my tinnitus in a really hard way

cc64: as I said, don't know, if I have the PAL setup running. Image is way to narrow/long on my monitor (which has no option to compensate) and I have sporadic minor graphic glitches (due to ntsc setup?). Still its by far the more playable version if you want sound.

The game itself is really outstanding. In some ways, it is just too elaborated for a C64 game, giving it an unreal feeling. But I can 100% recommend it to anyone interested in 64 gaming.

Btw, I am still wondering how it works technically, they seem to mix hires (320x...) with lowres (160x...) backgrounds, aren't they?

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The latest release is cc64_9-10-18.zip, and contains both the NTSC and PAL cores. All earlier releases are NTSC only.

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Yes you're right. The PAL core plays it without glitches.

Still, I have some issues with the video timing, which could very well be my monitor.
Using your core, only 60% of the screen width is used, compared to what I would expect. (see the image attached)

This is especially a problem as my monitor has no options to scale the image, just position can be adjusted.

Not sure if this is clearly the "fault" of your core, not with my monitor, but at least the picture is fine with other cores.

Nevertheless, is is great already to have your core available!!

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I don't see that behavior with any of my monitors, but I did spot a problem in my code that could be causing the issue you are having. The SMPTE spec for both 576p and 720p formats calls for negative polarity on the H and V sync signals. I corrected that oversight, and checked in my new code. Look for cc64_9-13-18.zip to show up on the download page in the next day or two, and give it a try.

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Actually, it was my fault, I used the 720p version, not 576p. Still, thanks for your fast support, I really enjoy the game.

Btw: is the 720p version working over dvi/hdmi?


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"I am still wondering how it works technically, they seem to mix hires (320x...) with lowres (160x...) backgrounds, aren't they?"
thats just standard multicolor mode, bit 7 of the colorram selects if a character is multi- or singlecolor. quite a lot of games use this smile

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Cool thing wink Didn't know that. But now as you say it, yes also Hard'n'Heavy had that, even with the nice scroll trick


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oh and its not bit 7... its bit 3 smile

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Does the Replay C64 core have an option for cartridges and if so -- is there freeze buttons emulated on the keyb ?


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I've no idea actually, not my core this one. Can check.