Topic: Hello from northern Germany

in the 80's i did a lot of programming and some gaming stuff with the ZX Spectrum, the Commodore 64 and then the Amiga 500 and was always interested to take back a Bit of the "good old days" with an FPGA-Board. So when i heard about the Arduino Vidor 4000 my first idea was to use it for Retro-Computing. Because of it's cheap price and good availability i hoped to find a project to get it work and so i landed at your site.

Now i succesfully set up my Vidor 4000 following the guide under: … oad-cores/

It works nearly "out of the box" :)

All of the released Cores i tried out are working and i hope you release many more of them in the future.
I'm very happy about the ZX Spectrum (Tape problem is fixed now!).

Thanks to the fpga-arcade-team for this cool project...

BTW: is there a chance to run a Commodore 64 on the Vidor 4000?

Re: Hello from northern Germany

Hi and welcome!

Nice to learn that you were successful in setting up the Vidor and running cores.
Personally I also like the Vidor for being compact and cheap ( shop has special offer for it atm). Integration with Replay still has some edges but these should be ironed out in the future. It's amazing what's possible just out-of-the box though.

I'm especially glad that you reproduced the ZX Spectrum tape fix since it was a real bugger to track down and fix.

I'd guess a C64 should be feasible on the Vidor (don't quote me, I haven't actually looked into details).

Cheers from southern Germany smile