Topic: Original or "super resolution" in 15Khz mode?

Hi everyone!

As I wrote times ago, the video output is "distorted" in 15Khz mode. It has a wavy like pattern.
The chain I'm using is composed by:

Vidor 4000 -> micro HDMI -> standard HDMI -> HDMI to VGA active converter -> VGA to SCART cable -> CRT TV.

I'm almost sure that the converter is fine as I use it with my computer with CRT emudriver outputting on HDMI.

Now I've noted that Mister FPGA, raspberry Pi-s, and CRT emudriver make use of "super resolutions" when using HDMI for 15khz mode.
Basically it's like 2560x224, 2560x240 and so on...
making the resolution a bit more stable for the active converter and then center everything to make the black porch invisible.

Is the vidor fw using this approach or is it outputting straight the native resolution?