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Re: lack of activity

I payed for mine over a year ago (the selller was getting new boards "that weekend"), but still nothing.. changing my order to a MiST... I'll probably buy one when they are for sale.. 2017 ? fingers crossed smile

Strange to me then that new boards are ready to be made ...
How long is the list of people waiting for this? Is there even an official "list" at all?

Sorry if I seem over-agitated, but this is a major "WTF?" for me seeing as I payed soo long ago.....

Re: lack of activity

Hi. Which seller was this? They have been told not to take any money until they have the boards in hand.
I understand your concern and I'm really sorry.

11 boards fixed and tested today, I'm really trying to catch up.

Re: lack of activity

I bought a MIST last week and am going to try it out this week while waiting for the FPGA Arcade board. smile