I’ve been testing a new version of my Amiga AGA core. It’s checked into the private repository. I’m working this week to make binary releases (and source ASAP) on the public mirror.


The MIST AGA project has received some great updates recently, and I keep getting asked if I will pick up those fixes.

The answer is “no” – the code base is (mostly) different and I don’t have those bugs in. I may have different ones of course.

I am setting up a bug tracking system on here next so beta testers can log issues and I’ll fix them.

One thing we do work on together is the T68K CPU. So far I submitted one fix and received one fix back. Unfortunately Slam Tilt AGA still does not work on my core, and I am investigating.

Still testing and shipping boards, although I am having a few days holiday this week and I thank you for your continuing patience !