Replay2 is still in layout and a few things are awaiting design closure (primarily memory configuration). The FPGA chosen is a Xilinx Ultrascale+ device (super fast) with Quad core A-53s, dual R5s and a Maii GPU.

The CPU section has DDR4 DRAM, and the FPGA most likely 2 x DDR3 memories. The board has a display port output for the CPU side, DVI/HDMI as well as a high quality DAC for analog output and the JAMMA adapter.

I hope to get some more details posted soon. I’ve started to order parts for the prototype and this morning visited a local SMD prototyping house to see if they could build it.

The production boards will most likely be massed produced by a well known hobby hardware manufacturer, but it’s handy to get a few boards quickly done for initial debug (and smoke test).