The forum is really the place to see regular updates, but I thought it was time for a summary here.

The Amiga code is pretty stable. Work is being done to add RTG interlaced modes and increase CPU performance further, but the main focus at the moment is on hardware.

I’ve been working with some new suppliers and assemblers, using my Namco 28 pin ASIC replacement as a test. They have just arrived back and look very nice :



I need to test these, then I’ll update (ok, write) this part of the website. These modules are used to replace a number of Namco devices in old arcade games.


In other news, the 68060 daughterboard can now be completed. The main problem was a lack of the connectors in small volume – MOQ was 500.

I’ve managed thanks to Samtec to get a smaller amount, so I can get on and produce the board.