68060 Daughterboard rear I/O shield arrives

While there is a lot of exciting new stuff going on, I’m still trying to finish off some old commitments.

Thanks to some CAD help from the team and the fantastic guys in Taiwan we have received the laser cut ATX I/O panels.

Contact me if you want one. It only fits on B2 boards (not 1.0B) without modification. If you have a previous I/O shield, this one will also fit.

(Note in the picture below I’ve not got the board screwed together so the holes are not quite aligned)





Amiga RTG source and driver released.

Hi all.
We’ve released our RTG HDL files and Amiga driver code.
This uses some primitives in replay_common. This is just a code dump to support the other projects while we faff around.
I think it makes sense you reuse my code rather than do it from scratch.
I’m still working to get a huge amount of stuff released including support for the Arduino Vidor and Replay1 board.
Work progresses rapidly on Replay2 which is XIlinx Ultrascale MPSoC based and we will support the hardmac GPU from the Amiga hopefully.
Note, you don’t need the blitter file (vbe) which may be harder to integrate. Blitter support can be disabled in the driver.
The M68K CPU (TG68K variant) will follow shortly which has all the cas2/cmp2 stuff implemented as well.
Travelling this week so response will be intermittent. Use the FPGAArcade forum if you want to get my attention.

Forum rework

The old punBB forum has served us well, but is now looking a little dated. While most of the developer chat has moved to Slack, the forum is still a useful public archive, and will become more useful as we roll out the Arduino and Replay2 hardware support.

I’m working to migrate the content to something new.