It’s been an exciting two months learning about the new Intel Agilex5 and the RK3588 used in our new Replay2 platform. The design and schematic are nearly completed – after a number of last minute changes/improvements.

Samples of the part are on the way and we’ll post some detailed layout images and specs of the board in the near future.

I’m also setting up a new X account, and then this website will get updated and new forums added.


The Agilex5 is a bleeding edge new FPGA which is faster and larger than any other competing Retro gaming system. The part we are using has dual 64 bit A55 and dual 64bit A75 processors on board. It’s the natural successor to the CycloneV device used on the MISTer DE10-nano board.


Replay2 will be open source, we’ve started to move the repositories onto github. There is a lot of work to do, and it’s hugely delayed, but I think it’s been worth all the changes and it’s going to be an incredible platform.